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 A true Winegard TV antenna story

Winegard TV antenna vs. a competitors antenna.

I started my career as a professional TV antenna installer twenty five years ago, installing antenna system for our local Radio Shack dealer. It all began pretty simple, they would give my phone number to the customer, the customer would call me, I would go install the Radio shack antenna. 

After just a few months people began to call me direct to have an antenna installed. Suddenly I had the choice of what TV antennas we offered to the customer.

I remember opening the box to the first Winegard antenna I had ever installed. The first thing I notice it was built much better than the antennas I had been installing. Plastic braces were now replace with metal, the aluminum was thicker on the Winegard and the design was much more elaborate. I figured someone at Winegard either like complicated design or there was sound reasons for the design that would improve TV reception.

Winegard HD 7084 TV antenna

It was easy to see that the Winegard antennas were built stronger and would last longer, but I still didn't have any solid evidence they received TV signal any better than the cheaper antennas, since I had never installed both brands of TV antennas at the exact location.

I finally got my chance to compare the performance of The Winegard HD 7084 and the biggest Radio Shack TV antenna available, I believe at the time it was the VU 210. A customer called from Harrison Mi. a small community approximately 70 miles north of our location. He explained to me that about six months earlier he had a Radio Shack antenna installed. He said it worked pretty good on most channels but channel 33 the local FOX channel from Cadillac was unwatchable most of the time. He wanted to know if there was anything that could be done to improve his reception.

I ask the man several questions about the installation and determined the installation was done properly. I suggested that we could try a different antenna. I told him I would drive up take his antenna out, install the Winegard antenna and if we didn't see a significant improvement I would replace his antenna and there would be no charge, he agreed.

The house was a one story structure surrounded by dense woods and sat in a low area. The picture quality on channel 33 when I arrived was poor. It was very snowy and the color was in and out, mostly out.

As I unboxed the Winegard antenna he notice the same thing I did it was built much better than his current antenna. He also notice as I did the Winegard antenna was smaller, almost four feet shorter. I assembled the Winegard antenna and removed his and began to install the Winegard. I finished the last step, hooking up the coax down lead and began climbing down from the roof. Before I could reach the ground the customer came out of the back door yelling, its clear, its clear.

I went inside to view the reception myself. All the channels were clearer now. Channel 33 was nearly perfect, a little grain if you stood close to the TV and looked for it. I was shocked at the difference an antenna can make and so was the customer.

The Winegard antenna was mounted in the same exact location as the prior antenna and nothing was changed besides the TV antenna itself.

Needless to say I have been a Winegard TV antenna dealer ever since.

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