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Who Should Buy the EZ HD Antenna?

We want to be certain that you buy the right antenna.

First, no antenna is the right choice for every location. Factors to consider are the local terrain between the receiving antenna and the transmitting towers and distance to the transmitters.

The EZ HD has proved to be very effective at distances of 50 miles or less from the TV transmitters. If the terrain is open and flat you can expect greater range and if it's obstructed by hills, dense forestry, tall buildings etc. you can expect reduced range. This is true of all antennas.

Other factors that will effect range is the antenna elevation above ground and the transmitting power of the station being received. The 50 mile range above is based on the antenna being located outdoors at an elevation of 20 feet above ground. If the antenna elevation is increased the range will be greater.

Attic installation can also reduce range. If your attic is deemed suitable for TV reception it may be a good choice for you. If the antenna is mounted in the attic of a 2 story home you can expect the range to reduce to about 40 miles. In a 1 story home the range could drop to about 30 miles.

The above distances in miles are based on receiving a consistent quality digital signal result.

I can't say the EZ HD or any antenna will work everywhere every time. I can say the EZ HD is the most effective antenna for its size on the market today. If your antenna needs fit the criteria above you can't go wrong with the EZ HD.

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