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No VHF TV reception.

Why can't I get VHF TV reception?

The antennas shown below are primarily UHF TV antennas.

Nearly every antenna on the market today is designed for the reception of UHF and not VHF signals TV signals.

All indoor antennas usually fail to receive VHF TV signals.

Some of the antenna manufacturers below may claim these antenna have both VHF and UHF performance but the VHF performace is mediocre when compared to the performance of an antenna that are truly designed for both VHF and UHF TV reception.


I'm not suggesting that these are bad antennas but they are best used for UHF TV reception.Over 95% of all TV markets in the United States will have at least one VHF digital channel after June 12, 09.

There are over 300 VHF TV stations. Don't believe anyone who tells you that all digital TV signals are UHF.

RCA UHF TV Antenna

Mohu Sky 60 UHF TV antenna

Lava omnidirectional

RCA attic antenna.
Primarily receives only UHF TV signals.

Mohu Sky 60

Lava omnidirectional

Winegard antenna TV antenna TV Antenna

Winegard SS 2000
Terk HDTV Slim Profile

Antennas Direct
DB series antennas

Channel Master 4221/4228

TV antenna TV antenna TV antenna

Channel Master
4221HD and 4228HD

Winegard HD 90XX series
antennas or any
antenna that looks like this.

Antennas Direct Clear
Stream antennas

TV Antenna TV antenna TV antenna

Antennas Direct all XG series
and similar antennas

Terk TV32 and Winegard HD 1080

This is not a complete listing of all antennas that are primarily a UHF antenna. However, if the design of your antenna looks similar to any of the above antennas then it likely won't receive VHF TV signals.

Hi Denny,

I wasn't getting reception of two VHF channels.

After reading your website I learned that my antenna wasn't designed to recieve VHF signals. I switched it out with your EZ HD antenna and presto, both ABC and FOX VHF channels came in perfectly. Thank you for the information on your site.


Hi Bernie,

We doing our best to get the word out about VHF TV signals.

A day doesn't go by that someone doesn't contact sayimg, no VHF TV reception. It's a real problem that no one seems to want to address. I'm glad you resolved the issue and I'm happy we could help.


Denny's TV Antenna Service

"Helping America Watch Free TV Since 1988"

Why are most TV antennas designed wrong?
Most antennas on the market today won't receive VHF TV signals. Learn why there's no VHF TV reception.

Best long range VHF/UHF TV antenna >
The HD Stacker antenna provides outstanding long range VHF/UHF results and yet it measures in at less than 6 feet long.