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TV Antenna Reception Weakened - Interupted by Windy Weather


My viewing stations are from 7 to 40 miles away in the Mechanicsburg, Pa area. Reception is good on all stations except when we get windy weather then I have inconsistent picture fluttering and loss of audio on a couple of the stations. These signal interruptions will last up to 10 seconds and maybe a few times per minute which is frustrating.

I have a 25 ft cable run from the attic TV antenna to a 2 way signal splitter with a 4 ft cable branching to my upstairs TV and another 25 ft cable going to my downstairs TV. Both TV’s experience similar picture and audio interruptions during windy weather.  

Would a signal amplifier or preamplifier help my signal when it’s windy?  Which would you suggest?



Hi Steve,
A signal amplifier will likely improve the reception but it may or may not completely solve the problem. I think it is the best place to start. Other options that may also help is to move the antenna outside and or get a larger more powerful TV antenna such as the HD Stacker antenna. You may find that moving the antenna to a different location within the attic will help. The cause of the problem is likely a tree or trees swaying in the wind and by moving the antenna to another location may avoid the signal obstacle that is causing the problem and improve reception.
If the signals are very weak to start with the wind itself could cause the interruptions in signal but is likely trees causing the problem.
A very good preamplifier choice for your set up is the AP 8700 preamplifier by Winegard.
You may want to visit "TV Antenna Preamplifier Installlation and Troubleshooting"

If we can assist you further, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Best Regards,
Denny Duplessis
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"Helping America Watch Free TV"
3758 W. Washington Rd. Ithaca, MI. 48847

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