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Click for the BBB Business Review of this Antennas in Ithaca MITV ANTENNA EAVE MOUNT

Non roof penetrating TV antenna mount

Installation tip:
1. Install the small top bracket to the eave facing first.
2. Install a short 2 or 3 Ft. pipe in the larger bottom bracket and tighten.
3. Slip the pipe with the bottom bracket attached into the top bracket aligning
each end of the bottom bracket with the eave facing.
4. Tighten the pipe
in the top bracket. This procedure allows the top bracket to hold the larger
bottom bracket in place keeping your hands free while you install the bottom bracket lag screws.
See: Installing a TV antenna eave mount >.

Eave mount TV Antenna eave mount

TV Antenna Eave Mount                                                 Mast pipe not included

  • Mounts to the eave of the roof.
  • Adjustable from 45" to 60" wide
  • Brackets hold mast pipe 3" away from the eave facing
  • Does not require penetration of roof shingles
  • Holds mast pipe up to 2.0"
  • Lag screws included


Price: $48.00

But Eave mount now

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Denny, if I mount on the fascia using an eave mount, is there a safe maximum length I can go with the mast ? >

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