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Williamsburg, Virginia TV Antenna Reception 23188

Subject: Your TV Antenna Recommendation Request form for Williamsburg, VA is ready from Denny's Antenna

Name: dennis
1. Address: _____________________ williamsburg Virginia 23188
2. Email: ____________
3. Approximately how many feet above ground level will the antenna be installed?: 30
4. Will the antenna be installed outside above the roof line or in the attic, other: yes
6. How many TV locations within your home will the antenna supply? In other words, will a signal splitter be in use and if so how many times will the splitter divide the TV signal?: 2
7. Approximately how long will the coax cable run be from the antenna to the TV. If a signal splitter is in use how long will the cable run be from the antenna to the furthest TV: 40 feet

Hi Dennis,
There are two good options for the location. To receive all of the Norfolk/Virginia Beach channels I recommend the EZ HD antenna. Install the antenna with the narrower end aiming South. Along with the antenna I highly recommend the LNA 200 preamplifier.
To receive both the Norfolk/Virginia Beach channels and the Richmond channels use the HD Stacker antenna and a rotor. The rotor will allow you to aim the antenna appropriately. Along with the HD Stacker antenna use the LNA 200 preamplifier.
There is a third option. You could use the EZ HD and the Stacker antenna together. Aim the EZ HD antenna South and the HD Stacker NNW. Couple the two antennas together using the CC 7870 couplerand amplify using the LNA 200 preamplifier.This system would eliminate the need for a rotor and you would still receive both locations NNW and South.  See attached photo. If you are interested in this system let me know and I'll provide details on the set up.

EZ HD and HD Stacker antennas coupled together using the CC 7870 antenna coupler
The EZ HD and HD Stacker antennas



Your advice has been rock solid for my past two purchases from you so I look forward to this.

I am moving/retiring to Williamsburg, VA. so it may be a few weeks. I'm getting too old to go onto roofs any suggestions as to how to find an installer?


If there aren't any installers listed in the phone book or if you search on line for "Williamsburg, VA TV antenna installer" and don't find one the only thing left is to ask around.