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TV Antenna Reception Plano, Texas

Form Submission

Name: Mike
Email: _______________
Ask your question: Re: Invoice No. 54635. Received this EZ HD TV Antenna yesterday. I am in Plano, TX. 35 miles from the towers and this unit is rated to 50 miles. It is so small it gives me pause. My old antenna in the attic is large. It worked very well with old analog signals. It became very iffy when the digital signals came on the scene. In reading your website today I note this new antenna is designed for channels 7 and up. In my area channels 4 and 5 are main channels. I hesitate installing this antenna without some advice.


Hi Mike,
Channels 4 and 5 out of Dallas, Texas no longer broadcast on 4 and 5 since the TV signals went to digital. Channel 4 broadcasts on channel 35 and 5 is on channel 41. The TV tuner will still display the channels as 4.1 and 5.1 so you can recognize the channel but that is no longer the broadcast frequencies of the station.
See real vs. virtual channels at the following link.
Also visit the FCC page and submit your address. You will see that the only VHF channels in your area are now Hi VHF signals all above channel 7.
The EZ HD antenna is rated to 50 miles. However, if it is installed in the attic the range may be reduced. The EZ HD antenna shouldn't have any problem receiving the signals in Plano.

If you have any questions or if I can assist you further please don't hesitate to contact me.
Best Regards,
Denny Duplessis



Following on your e-mail i have installed the EZ HD antenna in the attic at the same location as the old analog antenna. The video/audio reception is now outstanding, and the antenna is picking up independent stations I have never seen before. Great product. Thanks for your help. 



That's great! Thanks for reporting the good news.
You're welcome for the help. It was my pleasure.
Take Care,