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Los Angeles, California TV Antenna Reception. Zip Code 90066

Subject: Your EZ HD TV antenna form is ready from Denny's Antenna

 Name: Tim
 Email: ___________________
 Ask your question: I live in Los Angeles 90066 along side of the Santa Monica airport. Would their radio and radar interfere with my signal with this antenna? Also, I have a single story house and would like to mount it with the J-.mount attached to the fascia on the peak of my house About 14 feet. Would that be enough.? Thanks

Hi Tim,
Airports can interfere at times no matter what antenna is in use. The airplanes flying over can also cause temporary interference. The EZ HD TV antenna is very directional so it would be the best choice for the situation. Install the antenna aiming NNE. We have a lot of satisfied customer's using the EZ HD antenna in the Los Angeles area.

If you have any questions or if I can assist you further please don't hesitate to contact me.
Best Regards,
Denny Duplessis

Thanks Denny,

I read your review of the Winegard Flatwave. It sounds like it may work in my area being about 30 miles from Mt. Washington. I would be mounting it on the peak of our roof on our single story house. What do you think? Do you have any in stock yet?



The Flatwave may be a good choice. I have little experience with the antennas ability to reject interference from the sides or rear. Winegard claims it has out of band filters so it should be good near to the airport. However, as you can see by the review the Flatwave Air does not perform as well receiving VHF signals as the EZ HD antenna does.
We will not be shipping the FlatWave until Tuesday 9/17/13. I didn't want to order a shipment for inventory until we tested the unit. We do that with all new products. That's why we don't carry a lot of the antennas that are on the market. Many of the antennas we test fail our standards do to poor performance and or quality.

If you have any questions or if I can assist you further please don't hesitate to contact me.
Best Regards,
Denny Duplessis

Would the EZ HD antenna be better at rejecting airport noise?


I do know the EZ HD TV antenna is very good but I don't know about the Flatwave Air. It's only been out about two weeks and we don't have any in field yet so I can't say for certain how good it is at rejecting noise. Sorry I don't have better information for you.


Do you sell the Flatwave without the pipe and bracket?  Your J Mount looks like it would be better than the one that comes with the Flatwave Kit.

What are your thoughts? I plane to mount it on my pitched composite roof.



The FlatWave Air comes from the manufacturer with the pipe and bracket included so you're stuck with that mount. The only way would be to buy the FlatWave Air and order the J pole separately.


Thanks for responding. I'm now thinking that the EZ HD antenna may be a better choice. I would order it with the J-pole mount and lag screws, etc. I have never installed one before but think I can do it. What else would I need to mount it to a pitched composite roof?  Do the lag screws need to be bolted from the attic (which is a narrow space) or will it hold with just screws through the roof?  I will order a precut coax cable after I installing the antenna and figure out how to hook it up to the old Time Warner Cable coax that runs under the house to the TV.

I appreciate your help.


The EZ HD antenna is likely the best all around choice. There are 4 VHF signal channels in your area and the EZ HD does noticeably perform better on VHF signals than the Flatwave are does.
The lag screws will hold no need for underside work. Pre-drill the lag screw holes to just smaller than the size of the solid area of the lag screw threaded area. Pre-drilling will prevent the roof board from cracking and provide a more stable support. Tighten firmly but not to the point the lag screw strips through the wood.
Roof mounted antennas should be grounded. A ground wire is ran from the antenna mount to a suitable ground such as a ground rod. A ground block should be installed in line on the coax cable at the point just before the cable enters the home. Grounding doesn't make the antenna work any better but it may be safer if you ever have nearby lightning. If you decide to ground the system you will need two coax cable lengths. One to go from the antenna to the ground block and one to go from the ground block into the house.
Grounding accessories =
Will the coax cable run from the antenna to the TV be direct or will a signal splitter be in line? If so, how many times will the splitter divide the signal?

Thanks for all of your help. Really appreciate it!

Los Angeles, CA 90066


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