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TV Antenna Reception Jonesboro, Arkansas

Subject: Someone submitted your contact us form from Jonesboro, AK.
Name: Yvonne 
Email: _____________
Ask your customer service question: I am looking at possibly installing an antenna in Jonesboro, AK.. My house sits on a hill with limited interference from trees, etc. The antenna would be placed on the gable end of my roof giving it about 25 - 30 feet height.I will be trying to get a signal from about 70 miles away and cable runs of about 50'. Will one of these antennas work and if so, which pre-amp would I need? Thanks.

Hello Yvonne,
I need a little more information so I can offer a reliable recommendation.
At what address will the antenna be installed.
How many TVs will be connected to the antenna?
Best Regards,
Denny Duplessis

I only have one TV. My address is _______________ in Jonesboro, AR 72401
Thanks for the speedy reply.



I assume you want to receive the Memphis channels. According to the reception data for your location some of the channels may not be available even when using the HD Stacker. The reason the signals are so weak at your location is large hills located in the signal path on the Northwest side of Memphis near Meeman Shelby Forest State Park. I know this isn't what you want to hear but I wouldn't recommend an antenna at your location. I don't think you'll be satisfied with the reception.
Sorry I don't have better news for you.


Thanks for the info. I would really like to get away from cable. Before cable, we had a TV antenna here in Jonesboro on a tall pole and received all of Memphis channels. I do realize things have changed. I have forwarded this to my son, Bryan, who works for WIS-TV in Columbia, SC. He may have some questions for you – he would be my installer. Thanks again for the speedy reply. We are impressed with your product.

You're welcome. 
Have your son check out the data at

Thank you. I am impressed with your company – you could have sold me something even it would not have been what I needed. I really appreciate your honesty.


My honesty was passed on to me by my mother (my father passed away when I was four years old). I really appreciate the effort she made to instill in me honesty, responsibility and fairness. Because of her I was able to pass it onto my sons. I believe honesty is not something your born with. Like most things I believe it's taught by example.

I totally agree!



I may have some good news. I've been doing some more research. Using satellite and terrain maps. I followed the signal path from your house to the TV transmitting antennas and I couldn't find a real good reason why the FCC data was reporting the TV signals as weak as they were. So I decided to check with a different data source called TVFool. The TVFool data report shows the signals as slightly stronger than the original data I retrieved from the FCC signal mapping system.
If the TVFool data is correct using a large size high gain VHF/UHF antenna you should get decent reception. There is a catch. I think the antenna should be installed at least 30 feet above ground level to be most effective.
The new digital reception is different than the analog signal TV stations were using until 2009 to broadcast the signal.  Prior to 2009 TV signals were analog and now they are digital.
The biggest difference for the viewer is this. 
When the previously used analog signal weakened the picture would become snowy or fuzzy. Unless the analog signal became really weak you could still see (the less than picture) and hear the sound and continue to watch the program. 
When a digital signal (present signal in use) becomes weak the picture may break up and the sound may drop in and out making it difficult and annoying to watch the show. If the digital signal becomes too weak the picture and sound will disappear all together leaving a blank screen called a "No signal screen". There is no snow or visible interference in today's TV pictures. It's always a near perfect picture and if the TV signal does become too too weak the picture and sound simply stop.
If the more favorable TVFool signal data is correct here's what I think you may expect using the proper antenna and preamplifier with the antenna installed 30 feet above ground level.
Most of the channels will come in most of the time. There may be one or two troublesome channels.
During times of poor reception conditions you may loose the ability to view some channels. For an example when a thunderstorm is near you or anywhere in the signal path between your home and Memphis you may loose reception on some channels. There are also changes that happen in the atmosphere we can't see that effect reception. Because of this there will be times the reception may be poor on some stations for no apparent reason.
The good news is this. There are some channels especially the local ABC and PBS that will come in 100% of the time. I can't be absolutely certain but I think that for the most part you can get reasonably good reception most of the time.
If you're are interested I will do a little research to find the best antenna for the conditions. The NBC channel from Memphis is broadcasting a signal called "low band VHF".  The HD Stacker antenna you mentioned in your original email is not the best choice due to the low band signal being used by the NBC station.
I think it may be best if you forward this email to your son Bryan so we can get his input.


Thanks for working so hard on this for my mom Yvonne, I really appreciate it. She is looking to get rid of cable, which probably is a little weird since I work for a television station but since we are a broadcast station I have no qualms with encouraging everyone to get rid of cable and take advantage of all of the FREE over the air signals that are available. I recently dropped my cable and am saving at least $80 a month even after upping my internet speed.
You are right about the FCC site, I have found them to be incorrect even for the market that I work in and have intimate knowledge of how our signal is transmitted and where the issues with it are. The TVFool site has been much more accurate according to what has been shown to me by our engineering staff. Hopefully the one station that she is most interested in will be able to be tuned in, the CBS from Memphis. It's transmitter is about 70.7 miles and her house which is on a hill so I am confident that an antenna will do the job. The station, WREG, is a UHF on channel 28 which antenna would be the best option? And is there a good common antenna to the the NBC station that is low-band VHF as well? 
As the person that will be installing the unit I appreciate the fact that you have built the packages that have everything included, that will save a LOT of time from not having to drive back and forth to Lowe's. If it just had a ladder and drill I would be completely set! I was wondering how I was going to get my tools to Arkansas since it would not make sense for her to buy the specialty tools for stripping and connecting, much less hoping I could find them locally, you really have made it easy for homeowners to install an antenna.

Thanks again.


Hi Bryan,
You're welcome. I'm just trying to get your mom the best set up and let her know what to expect.
I think the best all around antenna for the UHF signals and the low band channel 5 is the Winergard HD 7084P. Along with the antenna the LNA 200 preamplifier is my choice. This unit will provide ample gain to compensate for the coax cable run without overdriving the nearby PBS signal.
I think for the most part the reception will be good most of the time. As you can see I explained to your mother what I think she can expect and at times some channels may not be available.
Best Regards,
Denny Duplessis

Denny –
Bryan forwarded me your email from this morning. We are going to purchase what you have recommended but the catch is I don’t need it until Bryan can home and I am not sure when that will be. May I purchase it now and hold on the delivery until he comes home?  Also, will this include the installation kit? What is the total cost?

You have been great to work with and we so appreciate your diligence on finding something that will work.


Good morning Yvonne,

The HD 7084P antenna that I recommended to you does not come as a kit. However, the HD Stacker antenna does come as a kit with everything included. I'm thinking we can substitute the HD 7084P antenna in place of the HD Stacker and provide a kit for the HD 7084P antenna.

Since your son is doing the installation he may want to look the kits over and determine if one of the kits are what is needed.

The kit options are at the link below. Since the best preamplifier choice is the AP 8700 kit number 5 or 6 is the best option.

Best Regards,
Denny Duplessis

Good morning Denny.

Bryan has been trying to get vacation time to come home to install the antenna and trying to find a flight that does not cost 2 arms and 2 legs. As of right now, he is planning on being here Sept. 11 –15 – that was the best he could do – I am worried about the weather.

We are going to purchase an antenna from you but I thought, since it has a 90 day return – don't think I am going to need that, I would wait until right before he comes home. Do you know how long it takes for delivery? Also, I was wondering, remember I do not know anything about this stuff, if the Winegard HD 8200U would be better or what is the biggest difference between the 8200 and 7084P ? Which ever antenna we go with I do want the installation kit. Let me know your recommendation and what the total cost will be  - antenna, installation kit, preamp. 

We really appreciate all you have done to  help us.


Hello Yvonne,
The HD 8200U does not work any better than the HD 7084P. Back in the 70's Radio Shack came out with a giant sized antenna so Winegard decided they needed a monster antenna too so they developed the 8200. Unfortunately there is a point of no return when it comes to antenna size. I have experience with both antennas and never has the HD 8200U outperformed the HD 7084P. The Winegard antenna performance specifications supports this. The 8200 cost more and is nearly 3 feet longer but does not perform any better.
We have an HD Stacker kit # 5 that includes everything you'll need. We will send the HD 7084P in place of the HD Stacker.  Just let us know if you order on line that you placed the order. You can also call 989 875 4902 to place the order. Rhonda my wife will answer just let her know you want the HD Stacker kit #5 with the HD 7084P instead of the HD Stacker antenna. I'll let her know what is going on.
The total cost $379.00. The price includes shipping and there is no sales tax charged to out of State residents,

The antenna should be installed aiming ESE at about 135 degrees on the compass.
Best Regards,
Denny Duplessis

Denny -

Received the "stuff" yesterday afternoon. That was fast. I did not open any of the boxes to see if everything was okay – the outside of the boxes seem to be okay. I wouldn't have a clue to what I was looking at if I opened them.  I am thinking positive that the antenna will do what I want it to – Bryan says it will. It will also save me $125 a month.Thanks for the good service. Yvonne

Good afternoon Yvonne.
Glad to hear the boxes look good. Usually if the boxes are okay so is the product.
Please keep me informed. If you or Bryan have any question feel free to ask.
Good luck and tell Bryan to be safe and always watch for overhead power lines (if there are any).

WOW, WOW, WOW!!! Great antenna. Bryan installed it today and I am receiving 32 stations including all Memphis channels and their educational station. Easy installation thanks to the installation kit. We are very pleased with this antenna and with the service you gave and the quality of the antenna. Thanks for everything!! We are sharing our experience with others.
Yvonne and Bryan 
Jonesboro, AK.
 P.S. - I understand weather may be an issue from time to time but I have had the same thing with cable. I am so excited to have this antenna - Yvonne

That's Great!!!
I was a little concerned with a few of the Memphis channels. Happy to hear they're coming in. Sounds like Bryan did a good job installing the equipment. Sometimes things like this fail because the installer fails to do it right. Bryan deserves a lot of the credit for a job well done.
The best result is no more cable bill for you. It will take a few months to get the investment back but after that the savings is all yours.
It has been a pleasure communicating with you.

Take Care,