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TV Antenna Reception in Burlington VT. 05408



Have been looking at your site for some time. looks like you have everything needed for a nice antenna install. i have a few questions, of course. I see you take paypal which will be my method of payment.

i live at _____________. burlington vt. 05408, the TVFOOL map is on the link above.

Planning to do a attic install. we  have 3 TV's currently but in the process of getting another one. Thinking i will need this item to split the signal.?

Since the stations are in opposite directions thinking i should mount two antenna's with this item to combine the signals from each.?

The EZ HD antenna might be the antenna for me since i have a strong signal.

and then the stand alone one.

Will need RG6 cables approx. 2 25ft and 2 40ft plus everything to hook up combiner and splitter in the attic.

Will i need a amplifier and voltage blocks?

I was viewing cliffs photos and wondering if i need this type of set-up.

I can buy the cable kit and bulk wire to make all my own connection cables. I'm a electronic technician working on semiconductor equipment machines. good with making cables just need the supplies and components.

All of this or would a wineguard MS 2000 be a good choice? Everything is within 34 miles. and the antenna has the preamp built in as well. This is the way i would prefer to go.

I'm not sure of which way to go? the MS2000 would pull in the stations and cost less, would still need the splitter, and any other things to complete the install.

Let me know what sort of combinations would work. would like to get the MS 2000 with a 4 way splitter, then buy the plain cable and make my own custom lengths to fit. this seems like a cost effective way since i'm close to the transmitters.

Thanks for your time, looking forward to doing business with you.



Hi Rodney,
I wouldn't recommend the MS 2000 for this application. The signal gain of this antenna is lower than a directional antenna and in the attic I think the MS 2000 would struggle to maintain solid reception. Plus omnidirectional antennas are much more prone to multi-path interference and in attics there's usually some signal bouncing around.
I think the best option is the EZ HD dual antenna system #2. This system comes with two antennas, antenna coupler, AP 8780 preamplifier and 3 connecting cables. The AP 8780 preamplifier is a very good choice when supplying 4 TVs. It has increased UHF signal gain. UHF signals require more amplification than VHF signals do to get the same results.
If the signal splitter will be inline between the preamplifier and the preamplifier power supply you will need voltage blocks. If you can set it up so the coax cable leads out from the preamplifier to the preamplifier power supply and from the power supply to the splitter voltage blocks will not be needed.

If you have any questions or if I can assist you further please don't hesitate to contact me.
Best Regards,
Denny Duplessis


Hello again,

After looking over the information from the last email we want to order up the antenna you suggested. For my installation here I will need this list.

EZ HD dual antenna system SKU: 148

4 way splitter SKU: 118

150ft RG6 solid copper conductor SKU: 136

20 thomas & betts RG 6 cable end connectors SKU: 148

1 one step wire stripper SKU: 140

1 coax cable cutter SKU: 142


1 75 ohm F terminator SKU: 132

This would be installed on the end of the cable or on the 4th outlet of the splitter until my new TV is on the wall? I have not bought the 4th TV yet, still looking at what size.

Will get the pole and mounting bracket to attach on the rafter from my local home depo.

Does this kit include u-bolts for mounting to the pole?

What other items would be needed to complete the installation? Did I miss anything else?

Would like to make just one order for everything I need.

If I understand correctly from the first email. The 8780 amplifier should mount after the coupler but in from of the 4 way splitter? Correct?

Thanks for the time, type to you soon.



The list looks good.  I don't think you missed anything.
U bolts are included with each antenna.
The preamplifier mounts near to the antenna. The dual system comes with two cables that connect from each antenna to the coupler and one short cable to run from the coupler to the preamplifier.
The order of things are as follows.
From each antenna to the coupler.
From the coupler to the preamplifier.
From the preamplifier to the preamplifier power supply/inserter.
From the power inserter to the signal splitter.
From the splitter to the TVs.


Hello Denny,

Have made my order this morning the invoice/confirmation is 2240340778. the payment was made with paypal instant payment. you should have the money now. please send me an email if there are any problems. will be in touch when we get the items from the shipper.

Thanks Again,




Thanks for the order. Shouldn't be any issues on this end but if there where we would certainly let you know. Please feel free to contact me if you need assistance.
Be safe! Always watch out for overhead power lines.