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TV Antenna Reception for Trenton, Ohio 45067

Subject: Your TV Antenna Recommendation Request form is ready from Denny's Antenna

Name: Brett ___________
1. Address: ________________ Trenton Ohio 45067
2. Email: _____________
3. Approximately how many feet above ground level will the antenna be installed?: 30
4. Will the antenna be installed outside above the roof line or in the attic, other: Roof line
6. How many TV locations within your home will the antenna supply? In other words, will a signal splitter be in use and if so how many times will the splitter divide the TV signal?: 2
7. Approximately how long will the coax cable run be from the antenna to the TV. If a signal splitter is in use how long will the cable run be from the antenna to the furthest TV: 55 feet


Hi Brett,
Most people in your area prefer to receive channels from both Dayton, and Cincinnati. We have had excellent results in your area using the bi-directional EZ HD antenna system. This system comes with two EZ HD antennas, antenna coupler and preamplifier plus, 3 coax connecting cables used to connect the two antennas to the coupler and the coupler to the preamplifier.
Aim one antenna South and the other North/Northeast and the system will provide reception from both Dayton and Cincinnati . The system best suited for the location and for the number of TVs to be supplied from the antenna is the EZ HD dual bi directional antenna system #1. If you were to supply 3 TVs or more from the antenna system I recommend the EZ HD dual antenna system #2

Dual EZ HD antenna system

If you have any questions or if I can assist you further please don't hesitate to contact me.
Best Regards,
Denny Duplessis