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Correct TV Antenna for My Needs

Correct TV antenna for my location


I live in South Bend, IN ZIP code 46628. I currently have a DirecTV, the problem is, the local channels are not broadcast in HiDef from DirecTV. I would like to take full advantage of my HiDef TV's and would be able to get the HiDef locals with an tv antenna connected to my DirecTV receiver. I tried amplified indoor antennas and although they work fine for the one in my back room, it is in the way as I have mounted on a cantilever so that I can turn it one way when I am up in the opposite direction when I'm laying down. With the long rabbit ears every time I turned the TV I would have to move the tv antenna, which would screw up the reception.  With the TV in my front room, an indoor tv antenna would normally work as I don't turn it, however there is always been something in that room that interferes with the TV reception and when I tried one in there it would work but not well, as I got a lot of pixelization, which brings me back to an outdoor antenna.

I was looking at the CHANNEL MASTER 4221 UHF TV ANTENNA, as I don't want to spend a lot of money and I don't want something monstrous either.  I read where you told someone in Elkhart and Goshen that they would need a preamp.  I really don't want to spend the money for that, and I'm not sure how I would get it hooked up as I'm a quadriplegic and need to rely on a friend to put this up for me and there is no power on the roof.  Also a rotor would not be practical for me either as being a quadriplegic and would not be able to work it anyhow.

The main channels I want to receive in HiDef are:16-1, 16-3, 22-1, 22-2, 25-1, 28-1, 34-1, 46-1, 57-1 and also Channel 69, which is not currently broadcast in HiDef.  Please let me know if the Channel Master 4221 would work for my purposes.  One other thing I forgot to ask, what I be able to run two wires off this antenna, one for the front room, and one for the backroom?  If not, how much signal loss, what I get by splitting it?

South Bend, IN 46628-9221

Greetings Dan,

The reception data indicates that the 4221 antenna is a perfect choice for your location. All of the digital/HD broadcasts are UHF frequency and all have a relatively strong signal at your location. As you probably know the tv antenna needs to face South Southeast.

The 2 way signal splitter creates a 3.5 dB loss as the signal passes through it. I think considering the gain of the antenna and the strength of the signals, a preamplifier may not be necessary as long as you use a good quality cable such as the solid copper RG 6 > we offer. Also, the length of the cables will have an impact on signal loss. If you should decide to go ahead with a antenna preamplifier your best choice is the Winegard LNA 200 >. The electricity is supplied to the preamplifier through the coax cable. The power injector that comes with the preamplifier is installed indoors with the coax cable from the preamplifier leading to it. The power injector requires a 110v electrical outlet and uses the coax cable leading up to the preamplifier to supply electricity to the amplifier at the TV antenna. See: Preamplifier installation >.

If I can assist you further or if you have questions pertaining to the installation of the product, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards,
Denny Duplessis
TV Antenna Source 1-800-528-9984
3758 W. Washington Rd. Ithaca, Mi. 48847


(For Reference Invoice #2018 - I'm a quadriplegic & had to wait on a friend to help me) 

I got the antenna up a couple weeks ago, but my friend didn't ground it, so he came back last w/e & grounded it. unfortunately, it's not giving me what I wanted!  Here's a link to a message I posted on a DirecTV Forum describing my problems: the reply below suggests getting the Channel Master 7777 what's the difference between it & the Winegard HDP 269?

I really didn't want to have to spend the extra for a preamp, but it doesn't look like I have much choice. (  Do you agree with that?

Also, someone on the forum suggested this: "Try go through the analysis there (include your antenna height. This will give you much better data for pointing than Note that tvfool the azimuths are relative to true north so you will have to adjust your offset for a compass to work. "

I assume you're familiar with but thought I'd share in case you weren't.

Thanks, Dan

Hello Dan,

Yes, I'm aware of TV Fool I use it quite often. Besides the issues you may be having with your tuners, (I wouldn't consider myself to be an expert on tuners) I think a preamplifier is the next step. The difference between the 7777 and the HDP 269 is the amplifier input capability and the output amplification. According to TV Fool your location has 16 TV transmitters broadcasting with a signal strength of -80 dBm. When considering preamplifier input capability you have to consider all Tv signals combined. I recommended the HDP 269 because of its high signal input capability of 350,000 micro volts compared to the 7777 at less then 45,000. I believe the 7777 preamplifier will overload at your location.

You mentioned that sometimes the signals go from strong, to weak, and back to strong. This is sometimes caused by multi-path interference. Someone in the forum mentioned adjusting the antenna direction while viewing the signal meter, I think that is a good idea, if you haven't tried it. Someone also mentioned a larger antenna, if the data is correct from both antennaweb and TV Fool, this is not necessary, unless the problem is Multi-path interference, then I would suggest the HD 9032. The 9032 has a much higher front to back ratio then does the 4221.

Like I said, I am by no means an expert on digital tuners but on many occasions I have witness two tuners operating off from the same antenna with much different results, I believe those people in the forum do no what there talking about. I have a local customer nearby our location here in Ithaca, he has a TV with a built-in tuner. It's about 7 years old according to the customer. He was having difficulties similar to yours, so I took a new set top tuner to try at the customer's home. Connected to the same antenna down lead with no changes made except the tuner itself, he received the 3 channels without any issues, that would not come in on his older tuner built into the TV.

I guess my advice would be to install a preamplifier and I still think your best choice is the HDP 269 because of its higher signal input capability. But if it's a tuner issue or multi-path interference a preamplifier may not help.

As you know we offer a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee, don't hesitate to use it if it becomes necessary.



This is getting to be more trouble than it's worth! After having my friend put it up & run all that wire, I kind of feel committed to get it right, although it's a lot more expensive than I planed also, especially if I have to return this one for a different one!

Thanks, Dan


The first thing I would do if you haven't already is have someone try adjusting the direction of the antenna. Usually a preamplifier won't help multi-path interference issues. You simply end up amplifying both signals and the problem still exists.

I'm sorry your having this problem, I'm doing the best I can to help.

Best Regards,


Sorry to take my frustration out on you, I understand you're doing the best you can to help me figure this out!  I'll try this week to get someone turn the antenna for me while watching the signal strength. What causes multi-path interference?  Is that why my signal strength is on the low


Multi-path is when the main signal from the transmitter reflects off from a nearby object and returns to the antenna a micro second later.

Multi-path usually causes the digital signal to radically go up and down, but usually not consistently low. If it's consistently low I think the preamplifier may be the answer.

If you will be having someone over to adjust the antenna I should send you a preamplifier to try at the same time. No charge, if it works you can keep it and pay for it. If it doesn't will take it back and I'll even pay for the shipping back. Now you can't beat a deal like that.

Let me know if you want me to send the pre-amp.



WOW!...  What an offer...  No one can say you're not out to help people!  If you're sure you don't mind doing that, I'll take you up on it.  I assume you're referring to the HDP 269?  If not, let me know so I know how much it will be.

Did you see the pics of how my antenna is mounted?  Could the tree to the E/SE or garage and/or pole barn be the culprit for the Multi-Path? 

As far as the signal strength, on my DTV Dual-Tuner HR20 DVR Receiver, I get NO signal 98% of the time, but when I do it's 65%-92%, but just for a couple seconds & then it looses the signal.  On my DTV H20 Receiver the strength varies from 38%-54%, but is never steady, it keeps bouncing up & down. The DTV receivers are the only signal meter I have.

I'll let know if it works or not as soon as I get it up.  If it works I'll call you w/ my CC info.  I really don't want to think about it, but... If for some reason it doesn't work, what would my next step be?

Thank You Very Much! 

P.S. If you'd like to see who I am or how I fish as a quadriplegic go to: & click on: "Want to see how I fish? New Streaming Video".  There's 2 video segments on there.

Hi Dan,

 A big WOW! back to you, I watched the videos and can only say outstanding!

Dan, I have some good news for you. It appears from the pictures you sent that the antenna is aiming > backwards. The X 's on the 4221 TV antenna face the transmitters to the Southeast and the screen is the backside.

I think if you turn it around 180 your problems are solved.

Let me know, I was away for a day but I'm back now.


Hi Denny,

Thanks for the nice words... Sorry I took so long to get back to you, I've been having a lot of computer problems & also wanted to wait until I got it turned to reply.

It really makes a difference if you point the antenna in the right direction! LOL!  I'm glad I resent those pic's to you or I could've been spending a lot of unnecessary money & driving us both nuts!  The signal strength is 85%-100% in my room & steady high 60%-low 70% in my parents room.  The only problem I have is I don't get 58-1 & 69-1 in my room, but I think that's a problem w/ my DTV HR20 receiver as I do get them in my parents room.  I'll be contacting DTV about this.

I want to thank you again for all your help & for your very generous offer on the pre-amp, I'm glad it didn't come to that!

I will definitely recommend you if anyone ever needs an antenna.  I'll also add a link to your page on my website!

Take care & Thanks again,

Dan, I'm sure glad you sent those pictures too. I was really excited when I saw the pictures and new we had it figured out. As I looked at the first couple, using the sun shadows in the picture for direction I thought the antenna looked backwards and when I saw the pictures you had written the directions on, I new we had it.

Well its been an adventure that has ended well.
It has been a great pleasure,


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