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TV Antenna Questions page 6

Topics on this page

TV antenna for the attic.
I'm really interested in the omnidirectional antenna
rotor free TV antenna.
Dropping satellite, going to a TV antenna.
I can't have an outdoor TV antenna.
Long range TV antenna, I want to reach out and grab other cities.

TV Antenna for attic

We have Direct TV with two boxes. I would like to install some kind of tv antenna in the attic and wire it to outher multiple outlets jack locations so I can pick up the local channels on those tv's. What are your suggestions?
Thank you,

Greetings Hal,

Please accept my apology for the slow reply. I left Thursday evening on a weekend fishing trip with my son.
Many people have had great success with the omnidirectional TV antenna >. If you would send your zip code I could better determine if that item is a good choice for your location.
Again sorry for the slow reply
Best Regards,

Denny, Hope you caught a lot of fish! My zip code is 37885.
With the omnidirectional antenna can the amplifier go in the basement by the structure wiring box?
Thanks, Hal


We did catch a lot of fish!

Yes it can go in the basement. The part you referred to as the amplifier is the power supply (transformer). The amplifier is in the TV antenna head of the MS 2000 and receives its power (low voltage) from the power supply via the coax cable. However at your location the TV station transmitters are all located North/Northeast. A better antenna choice is the EZ HD antenna >. This antenna provides better performance than the MS 2000 in the direction it is aimed. Since all of the transmitters are in the same direction the EZ HD will provide stronger signals. Along with the antenna use the LNA 200 preamplifier >.

Signal splitters are not recommended between the TV antenna and the power supply unless voltage blocking device > are installed on all splitter outputs except to the coax cable leading to the power supply. If the splitter must be located between the antenna preamplifier and the indoor power supply you will need one voltage block for each cable run except the cable runny to the preamplifier. None of this matters if you do not intend on splitting the signal or if the splitter will be between the TV's and the power supply.

The channels you can expect to receive are 20 WB, 48 rel, 15 PBS, 6 ABC, 43 Fox, 10 NBC, 54 IND, 8 CBS, 38 Box, 32 UPN plus all sub channels, all Knoxville channels except 54 located in Jellico. Also consider your structure is their a chimney that would block signal, foil face insulation or aluminum siding? Are there surrounding buildings that could block signal? Is your properties elevation low, normal or high ? See TV antenna attic installation >. Under normal conditions a TV antenna located in the attic will lose from 20 to 30% of the signal compared to the same TV antenna at the same location mounted outside higher in the air.
I'm not trying to be negative we have many people who have successfully installed TV antennas in their attic. Just some things for you to consider.
Last but not least if all else fails you can always return it for a refund or a different antenna.
If I can further assist you please don't hesitate to contact me.


I'm really interested in the omnidirectional rotorfree tv antenna
I am looking to purchase an outdoor TV antenna.  I really am interested in the Winegard 2000 that you offer. My  address is ----- North Century Blvd. Century, FL., 32535. Do you think this antenna will work for my area? I like the fact that it does not have to be rotated. If it won't work can you recommend an antenna on your site that will? Thank you, Charles.

Greetings Charles,
At your location some of the TV signals are a little too weak for omni TV antenna unless you can install the antenna 35 to 450 feet above ground level.. All of the TV transmitters are located to your West/Southwest. A better antenna choice that will insure reliable reception is the EZ HD antenna > with the LNA 200 preamplifier >. Install the antenna aiming WSW. In this position you will receive ABC 3, MYTV 35, PBS 23, NBC 15, IND 48, TBN 21, CBS 5, FOX 10, CW 55, IND 33 and 44 plus all sub channels provided by these stations. The analysis was calculated with the EZ HD antenna height of 15 feet above ground.

If I can assist you further please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards,

Dropping satellite and going to a TV antenna

Denny: I live in Hemlock, MI and am considering dropping our satellite TV service and going to an TV antenna instead. I currently have an antenna in the attic of our garage, but local reception remains poor with it.
What do you suggest I do to get good local reception with a new antenna or from the existing one?  Our house is three years old and has wiring throughout to supply the satellite feed to each room—we currently have a satellite receiver box on the main level and one on the basement with each room on each level able to receive the feed from its respective satellite box.
Greetings Terry,

To supply off air signal throughout the house a distribution amplifier would be required. Assuming your current TV antenna is directional it would be difficult to receive all local channels clearly without rotating the antenna.

My recommendation is the omnidirectional antenna > (mounted outside above the roof line for best results) and a HDA 100 signal amplifier >. Install the HDA 100 inline on the antenna side of the signal splitter. From Hemlock you have TV transmitters located to the NE. E. SE. and S.

Using a directional TV antenna on a multiple outlet system and rotating it can be very frustrating. You can only control the antenna direction from one location in the house, also multiple viewing of different stations in different directions at the same time is nearly impossible. With the MS 2000 you can view any station from any direction on any TV at the same time.

If I can assist you further please do not hesitate to contact me.
Best Regards,

I can't have an outdoor TV antenna

Denny, I'm very interested in purchasing one of your antennas. My predicament is as follows: I live south of Cleveland in zip code 44641.  From looking at, it looks like I'm 42-45 miles from the Cleveland local channels. I can't really have an outdoor tv antenna because of deed restrictions in the development I live in.  Your Sharpshooter is for less than 40 miles away.  Also, I am .6 miles southeast of a local TV station that just broadcasts religious TV. The station has a tower. Will that interfere with me trying to pull in channels?  Though the Cleveland channels are my highest priority, I'd like, if possible,  to also pull in the channels listed on antennaweb that are located in Youngstown, Pittsburgh,  and Erie if at all possible.  What do you suggest.
Thanks for your time. Dale


First let me start by say a deed restriction, HOA rules, etc... can not prevent you from installing an outdoor antenna. There are Federal rules that trump any deed restriction provision or HOA rules. 

The Sharp Shooter probably would not be the best TV antenna for your location. The Cleveland signals at your location are rated weak. To receive the Cleveland channels reliably will require an outdoor antenna or at least an outdoor antenna mounted in the attic. The HD Stacker antenna > is a good choice for in the attic or outdoors. Frankly there is a slight risk that the only way to reliably receive Cleveland station at your location is with the antenna mounted outdoors.

I know the HD Stacker antenna is a far cry from the SharpShooter antenna but I can't recommend an antenna that I don't think will work. Install the antenna aiming North/Northwest.

Take Care,

Long Range TV antenna, I want to reach out and grab other cities

I live in Erie, PA. I would like to purchase an TV antenna for my house. We have 4 various tv station transmitters in close proximity of my house (within 10-15 miles) But I would like to reach out and grab other cities such as Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Canadian stations (possible with my house high up in the city)
My question… can I use a longer range TV antenna 50-80 mile range and still have be able to get the closer stations with no problems?
Thanks Mike


You are correct a long range TV antenna is what you need. The TV signals from more distant Cities are reaching the area but the signals are weak. To receive both the local channels and have the best chance to receive some channels from the more distant locations I suggest The HD Stacker antenna >. You will need an rotor so your TV antenna can be turned to the appropriate direction. I would also suggest a LNA 200 antenna preamplifier >.

If you have any more questions just let me know.

Denny, Thank you for the quick reply.

That is the antenna I am looking at. I wanted to know if I would have any problems with the closer stations while trying to pull in the further stations? (ie – interference, overpowering channels close to the transmitted channel, etc) if I would have trouble with the local channels than I will downsize to one that will get me the farthest without problems.I am replacing an older smaller tv antenna and have the rotor and amplifier already.


You shouldn't have any problems with the channel that is closer to you. The HD Stacker is a directional antenna and fortunately the nearby station transmitter is in a different direction than the Cleveland transmitters so it shouldn't be a problem.

Best Regards,

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