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The omnidirectional antenna, HDTV,
and Directv Also known as "Marvin's page"


I live in Brownstown, MI and was told that you sell outdoor tv antennas and accessories that would receive broadcast off air HD local channels. Your website is extremely informative, and it looks as if there are several tv antennas that would work. When I spoke to DirectTV they told me of a Winegard television antenna, but no model number that would work. I don't really want a tv antenna rotor. I just need a little help, and I would also like for your antenna to get to me overnite after I purchase one.
Please give me a call at your earliest convenience to help me choose the best product for my needs.
Thanking you in advance,
Marvin Franklin

Phone call discussing TV antenna selection


You only gave me a few tv antennas to choose from. Could you please tell me what they were again so that I can make a choice. I was also wondering how long does it take for your products to get from your place to another in the state of Michigan. Brownstown is about 30 minutes south of Detroit.
p.s. We spoke of a Winegard, and another brand. I don't remember the model numbers.
Hi Marvin,

The TV antennas I recommended are the Channel Master 3018, The Winegard PR 7037 and the Winegard HD 7082 TV antenna. All three antennas will work for you. The 3018 is easiest to assemble but it’s the lowest quality of the three. The PR 7037 is higher quality and the HD 7082 is the highest quality. Marvin if it were my choice I would do it once and choose the HD 7082 TV antenna. It will last longer and provide service for 15 years or more. If you will be using a signal splitter I would also reccomend the AP 8700 TV antenna pre-amplifier along with the eave antenna mount
It usually takes one day sometimes two to ship an TV antenna to your location. Orders placed in the morning are shipped the same day.
Marvin ordered the Winegard HD 7082 only to find out that the home owners association where he lives frowns on that type of TV antenna. The next day Marvin and his wife Pam made the 240 mile roundtrip ride to exchange the 7082 for a the omnidirectional antenna >.  
Hello Denny,

The installer put up the antenna, and there was no signal at all detected by the antenna.  He has this Sharp Shooter that he swears by.  I just don't know what to do because I thought that it would work.  Please advise as to what the next step should be.

Now if you were Marvin wouldn't you give up about now.


The Sharp Shooter indoor TV antenna is a pretty good antenna when comes to indoor TV antennas. The truth of the matter is an outdoor antenna such as the omni  will out perform an indoor antenna every time. Not because the omni has that much better gain (ability to capture TV signals) than the Sharp Shooter the omni is only slightly better in that respect. It's because the omni can be mounted much higher in the air where TV signals are stronger. Also the MS 2000 mounted outdoors can receive the signals directly without any walls to penetrate or nearby homes to block the signal.
The omni you saw at our home receives signals very good from Flint (45 miles) Saginaw (50 miles) Lansing (50 miles) and good from Grand Rapids (65 miles) and Cadillac (80 miles)
Marvin, It's my opinion that the tv antenna is either installed wrong or it is defective. Call me so we can get to the bottom of this. We are closed today but we will be here until about 1pm watching the caller ID so we may answer your call.
Rest assured we will figure this out, helping people is what we do best.
1-989-875 4902  
Phone call from Marvin. While troubleshooting the tv antenna we discovered that the installer he had hired used screw on cable connectors and installed them on both ends of the cable improperly. While on the phone Marvin managed to fix the indoor connection and later with shaking knees he went up on his roof and fixed the other outside connection.


I wanted to formally thank you for all of your help and support. Without you, I would have bought another TV antenna, sent this one back, and incurred another install bill from the guy I had install originally.The HD local channels that we are getting right now look amazing!  I will do the things that we talked about tomorrow.  Also, I just want to confirm with you before I go off on the installer. Should I have him just take the antenna up about 5 more feet to get channel 2 reception?  Would a stronger TV antenna amplifier be a possible option?

tv antenna on Marvin's house

TV antenna installation at Marvin's home
Notice The TV antenna located on the upper roof a few feet from the edge.


I suggest reinstalling the TV antenna so it's above the peak of the roof. Actually using the eave mount and extending the pipe so the antenna would be about 5 feet above the peak would be best. This would insure none of the surrounding homes would obstruct the signal. However, just moving it up on the current mount so the TV antenna is just above the peak should do it. TV signal is what is called a line of sight signal. Each time the signal passes through a structure it weakens the signal. Some materials block signal more than others. For an example in several directions the signal has to pass through your roof twice. In those directions you would get better reception with the antenna mounted in the attic where it would only pass through once. At it's current elevation I would imagine several of your neighbors house are higher than the TV antenna and the signal has to pass through them too.
I do not believe a stronger amplifier would help.
We are almost there!



DirectTV may not allow me to get Toledo local channels through their box. I know that I paid for local Detroit channels. I will call tomorrow, but if not, is there a way that I can have the antenna hooked to the back of the tv in addition to the back of the DirectTV box, so that I could possibly switch to and from the two?
Once the tv antenna is remounted, I'm sure things will be a lot better. We watched the news on channel 4 HD, and it was fine.  Regards, Marvin


I just got off the phone with Directv. I talked with two different customer service representatives (nice people,very helpful). They both assured me that there are no restrictions pertaining to over the air TV antenna reception when using the Directv HD tuner. The restrictions only apply to locals that are provided by the satellite not the TV antenna. As a matter of fact I was told as long as a customer subscribes to their basic Directv HD package the customer does not have to pay for locals from the satellite and can use the built in digital tuner to receive locals free from their TV antenna.

According to the Rep. all you have to do is access the channel scan function in the receiver menu run a channel scan and your free off air digital locals should appear in the channel guide and be available for viewing. They also said several scans may be necessary to acquire all the available channels in your location.
You can do this now but the results will be better after the TV antenna is relocated.
Marvin if necessary I am willing to come to your home and help you at no charge. If I have it figured right you are about 90 to 100 miles away, is that correct?
Let me know how things are going.


Denny, I can't wait to write a testimonial for your website. Your customer service has been incredible, and I truly appreciate all of your help. When I get home from work, I will attempt to make the suggested adjustments with the channel scan, and on Thursday the installer will be back out to remount the antenna.  If then, I don't have everything in place, I may have you come and assist me in getting my antenna just right.  The trek to Brownstown is about 115 to 120 miles.
BTW, this morning and late last night before I went to bed, I did receive a signal from channel 2.
p.s. Do the local channels broadcast in HD all of the time, because those channels seem to be a lot sharper all of the time than the digital channels through DirectTV? Marvin


Local channels do not broadcast HD all of the time. The HD format is only available when the source is HD. Many times the program itself is not in an HD format or is not fed to your local broadcaster in HD format so the channel can not rebroadcast it in HD. Digital is the type of signal being broadcast and digital channels are digital 100% of the time. HDTV is a clearer usually wider format that can only be broadcast by a digital signal. That's why we say, all HDTV is digital signal, but not all digital signal is HD. The reason why your over the air pictures are so much clearer than your Directv is because most satellite and cable companies compress the digital signal resulting in an inferior picture when compared to over the air TV antenna digital reception.


Denny, I came home from work today and sat down in front of the television and ran an off air tv antenna channel scan. It picked up 11, 13, 30, 31, 36, 38 and their prefixes!  In addition to that, I am able to get channel 2, and it has been on without interruption all day.

I have been talking about television, and your customer service nonstop for the last day and a half. Your willingness to go the extra mile for a customer is unmatched. You have answered every one of my questions, emails, and phone calls without one single gripe. In today's society, it is so easy for a person to offer a good, and not the service. For an antenna, where the repeat business is minimal, it is unheard of for a person to offer the kind of service that you have.  I am extremely pleased with the product, and the service. My wife said from the moment we left your establishment, they (you and your wife) are really nice. Of course, I agreed. Once again.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I'm too excited about my new HD channels!!!  Because of you, I know soooooo much more about televisions, broadcasts, wiring, antenna installation, etc.

Please feel free to use my pics that I have sent, or if you would like another, or anything else I will provide because your help has been extraordinary.

Best wishes,
Marvin and Pam

Marvin and Pam,

I can't tell you how good it makes us feel to know our help is appreciated. Your willingness to listen and learn was outstanding. I'm so happy everything worked out for you.

We think both of you are really nice too. Keep in touch, if you get up this way you better stop by for a visit.
Denny and Rhonda 

Several months later..


How are things with you?  We had a Michigan vs. Ohio State party at my house in November and all my buddies kept talking about how they want to get an HD tv now!  That was great. 

We originally only had one HD television.  Now we have one in our bedroom, and I was wondering what needed to be done to have the signal cable go to the bedroom?  Will I have to have a cable run to the bedroom or is it something that just needs to be adjusted in the basement?
Thanks,  Marvin Franklin

Hi Marvin,

Things are going great! People tell me they really enjoy the Marvin's page on our web site.

If there isn't a coax cable > going to the bedroom you will need to install some. The coax cable currently runs from the antenna to the indoor preamplifier power injector. You can supply additional TV's by installing a signal splitter > on the TV side of the power injector. Your installation would go like this. Coax cable from the antenna to the power injector which you already have. From the power injector connection labeled TV on the Winegard power injector to the signal splitter and from the signal splitter to the TV's.

If you need anything else just let me know. 
Take Care,

Hi Dennis,

I didn't get the TV antenna hooked up to the tv in our bedroom because DirecTV came out and installed another dish which allows us to get our local HD channels from them, but for some reason they don't seem to be as brilliant as the local channels off of the off air antenna. The TV in the living room is a 65 inch Sony projection HD, and the bedroom is a 50 inch Panasonic plasma HD (brand new).  Is it the tv or is the HD broadcast from the antenna better?
Best Regards,

Hello Marvin,

It's more than likely the HD broadcasts from the TV antenna are that much better. Many times customer's report that HD reception is better from their antenna than it is from their satellite or cable. I'm told this is a signal compression issue. Digital TV signal can be compressed just like a digital picture. So web pages will open faster for our dial up visitors, I remove some of the data from the pictures in our site. This reduces the quality, but less data has to be processed so the page opens faster. To make room for all of the channels some TV provider's reduce the picture quality, that reduces the data, so more channels will fit on each satellite or cable system.
It could be, but I doubt the difference in picture quality has anything to do with the TV.
Hope your enjoying the spring weather. If you get up this way stop and see us.


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