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TV Antenna for two directions

EZ HD TV bi-directional antenna TV antenna system for two directions

Use when the TV transmitters are in two different directions and a single antenna will not work.

The EZ HD bi-directional antenna is spicifically designed tp provide high performance TV reception from two different directions. The system comes with two EZ HD antennas, one CC 7870 antenna coupler, one LNA 200 preamplifier and 3 short connecting cables. All you add is a mount and down lead coax cable.

Outperforms omnidirectional antennas
34% better for UHF signal reception
Up to 50% better for VHF signal reception. 

Included with the kit:
2) EZ HD antennas
1) Winegard CC 7870 antenna coupler
1) Winegard LNA 200 mast mounted preamplifier.
3) 2.5' coax cables complete with comptression cable end fittings.
   One coax cables run from each antenna to the coupler.
   One cable runs from the coupler to the mast mounted preamplifier.

The EZ HD bi-directional system easily outperforms any omnidirectional antenna on the market.

Learn more about the EZ HD antenna here >

Buy now EZ HD TV antenna system for two directions


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I recommend this system to anyone that needs reception from different directions.
Posted by No more cable

I live in Ellington, CT about 45 miles from all stations but they are located in two basic directions. I decided to purchase the two antenna system from Denny and I'm so glad I did. I installed and aimed each antenna according to the FCC website and wow all channels received. The antenna supplies 3 TVs and all 3 can receive any and all channels without the issues of adjusting the antenna. I recommend this system to anyone that needs reception from different directions.

Best antenna on the market 
Posted by William 

I cut the cable and searched the internet for HDTV antennas to get local channels. I tried several, including the figure 8 shape. They didn't bring in the channels I wanted. I bought this bi-directional antenna and I now get stations 70 miles away. This antenna mounts easily on an antenna steel mast next to the house and can be easily telescoped above the bushes. Living in a remote area, we are happy to receive the channels from all 4 major networks.
Surprising Great Antenna and Great Service 

Works better than expected.
Posted by Unknown

I am a new transplant to the Mid Michigan area and had no idea what to get for an antenna. I wrote to Denny and he recommended the EZ HD kit. I wrote again because I didn't believe such a small antenna would work, and Denny wrote back reassuring me that others in the area have had success. I ordered the antenna and had the whole kit in just a few days. The kit with two antennas, booster, and combiner was very professionally put together. I put up the antenna and may I say boy did it do the trick. I now have all the television stations from Lansing and Flint, and one out of Kalamazoo. This small antenna set really does a great job. Denny has put together a great package here. The service, the quick shipping, and the quick responses to questions are top notch. Thank you for everything...I would highly recommend your business and service to anyone.

Peformance is better than expected
Posted by Benny 

I stumbled across this website and was skeptical. But after reading all the helpful information about how it all works, how to select the right antenna, etc, I was convinced it was a good product and would work as stated. 

I actually mounted the antennas in an attic location on my house which has a metal roof and expected the performance to suffer, thinking I would have to move it to the outside. However performance is better than expected and probably would be even better if mounted outside as intended. I get about 30 channels clearly without interference. 

I have recommended the set up to several friends who, like myself were skeptical and wanted to see how mine worked first. Needless to say they are sold on the performance of the antenna setup.

Feel free to contact us > if you have questions.

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