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TV Antenna for Basic Free HD TV

What is free basic TV. To receive free TV over the air TV requires a TV antenna and accessories. Cutting the cord is happening all across the USA. The number of people utilizing over the air free TV is growing and has been since 2005.  Everything is digital now so a TV with a digital tuner is required. All major free broadcast networks are bringing to you free HD picture quality better than Cable or Satellite providers.

If you're new to the free basic TV thing it can be confusing. Seems everybody and their brother has jumped into the antenna business. There's so many antenna choices and conflicting information it can drive the average person insane.

Unfortunately many of the antennas today are designed to visually appeal to the consumer with very little regard for performance. We here at Denny's have designed two in house antennas. These antennas are manufactured for us by the Winegard Company. We designed the EZ HD and HD Stacker antennas for performance not for eye appeal. If you're looking for performance and an antenna that is quality built in the USA take a close look at the EZ HD antenna and the HD Stacker antenna. The EZ HD is designed for short and medium range use and the HD Stacker is designed for medium and long range use.