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TV Antenna Chimney Mount

18' straps that come with most kits are about one foot too short.

Hello, I would like to install a over the air TV antenna to my chimney but do to the large size of it the standard 18' straps that come with most kits are about one foot too short. Does somebady make a strap extension kit to allow me to do this. I have checked Channel Master and Radio Shack and cannot locate a extension kit. Please help! Thank you very much! Jeffrey

A. To the best of my knowledge 18 feet is as long as chimney mount straps come and I don't know of any extensions available. What I have done in the past when I have ran into this is used 4" wall brackets. Using the proper size mortar bit I drill into the mortar of the chimney and insert lag screw anchors. The blue mortar screws work good. I then installed the 4 " brackets one above the other. At least at a 2' separation between the brackets.

Best Regards,
Denny Duplessis
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