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Telesine Television Antenna

Here are some pictures of the Telesine Television Antennas and the installation of one.

Just think of one of these TV antennas mounted on your roof top. Assembling and installing this
type of antenna must have been a big job for the do-it-yourself installer. You must of really wanted
to see television.
There wasn't that many channels.

The Telesine antenna was invented by W. E. Antony of Shreveport, LA, in the late 40s.
It was built to bring in stations 100-200 miles away from Texas. It was available in 1, 2, or
4 element versions for
high and low band VHF, and in several UHF versions.

telesine television antenna

Look at the picture above; The installation on this TV antenna would take some doing.
This is defiantly not an indoor TV antenna.  This outdoor TV antenna is designed for
UHF reception, I don't believe they were thinking about TV antenna amplifiers or HDTV antennas.

The TV antennas pictured below are designed for high and low television reception.
The do it yourself installer would nee help installing these TV antennas. If you had
a television antenna rotor it would really have to work to rotate the size of one of these TV

telesine installation

telesine brochure

telesine flyer

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