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                     TV antenna questions index

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How will spray foam insulation affect my TV signal if I decide to place a TV antenna in the attic? My question is about antenna placement. I recently had 6 inches of foam insulation installed in the attic

How long can the coax cable length be from the preamplifier on the pipe near the TV antenna to the power supply I plan to install in my basement? The coax cable length from the TV antenna to the location where I can install the preamplifier power supply is about 125 feet.

Can I use one TV antenna to supply multiple Televisions?I have six TVs that I would like to have get signal.

TV antenna in the attic can I run the cable to the cable box on the side of my house? Because I have the connectors in the house so I don't have to do a bunch of drilling and put holes in my house.

I get much better reception from my old analog TV with converter box and rabbit ears antenna (VHF and UHF) than I can get from a new digital TV with the same TV antenna? Under the old set up I could get 26 digital channels that are in my area.

Is the TV antenna able to receive digital signals/Do I need a special digital TV antenna/Do I need special coax?  I have a TV antenna about 10 years old, have quit Dish, and want to get local channels, but am having rotten luck.

Will the power lines effect the TV antenna reception? If so how much? The only problem is the main electric service power lines come into the house just below the north peak.

Does having the tripod and TV antenna increase the likely hood that my house will be struck by lightning? I have a 40-50 foot high house and would like to put a tripod and a TV antenna on the house.

Does grounding the TV antenna improve the TV reception? I'm getting ready to order a TV antenna from your company. Before I do I have a question.

Is there a TV antenna that will get those far away stations listed on TV Fool? Some stations are many more miles than 50.

My signal strength is 100% in the day and 72 to 78% at night. I have a 8 bay bow tie TV antenna hooked up in my attic. I live 10 to 15 miles from the TV towers yet my digital reception goes in and out at night.

I've read about VHF and UHF TV signal but I still don't understand the difference and do I need a VHF and UHF TV antenna at my location? I've done a lot of research but I'm still confused on one issue.

How critical is it to have the ground wire spaced from the antenna coaxial cable?
Currently have the TV antenna coax and the ground wires going through one hole in the chimney from the antenna.

Can the range of the EZ HD antenna be extended with a mast amp? (preamplifier) Not really. A preamplifier won't extend the range of any antenna. However, using a preamplifier will many times appear to extend the range of the TV antenna.

Why does satellite TV work better at 2,000 miles than a TV antenna at 40 miles? TV signals from satellites travel through about 21,990 miles of outer space and about 10 miles of the Earths atmosphere.

Only get two channels, the index stated 13 to 25 channels with a TV antenna.
Dropped cable, bought a TV antenna for indoors.

I have 7 TVs in my house that I would like to get reception from the TV antenna.
Denny, I have your EZ HD antenna. I'm very satisfied with the results. I live in the Chicago area zip 60639 and get about 75 channels give or take. I have it currently connected to one TV.

Why do you only sell your EZ HD, HD Stacker and Winegard antennas?
I have a non technical question. There are so many antennas to choose from it's confusing.

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