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Stacking the Winegard HD 9032 and the YA 1713 antennas

your Contact Us form from Denny's Antenna is ready
Name: Jeffrey
Email: ________________
Ask your customer service question: I am planning a new installation and after much research have decided on a stacked combination of a Winegard model HD-9032 (maybe HD-9022) UHF antenna and a Winegard model YA-1713 Hi-VHF antenna (rf channels 7 and 9)along with a 16dB or so preamp.

ALL concerned transmitting towers are at a 25 to 40 mile range and within 3 degrees of heading, except rf ch 27, which is about 30 degrees off from the others.
The "color guide" from an on-line antenna mapping software pins all within the Blue or less color range, except for rf ch 47 which dips into the Violet color. Note that there are no large elevation changes between me and the transmitter towers and no building obstructions within site. It seems I have a good line of site path - only fighting distance.
The plan is to roof mount and stack the two antennas using a three foot tripod with five foot mast. Any advice on the installation, primarily such as spacing. It appears to me that your HD Stacker Antenna is constructed from base similar model antennas. Do you think it would actually provide me a higher overall gain advantage due to the design configuration.
Here is a list of the primary RF channels I am chasing: 7, 9, 12, 20, 22, 28, 32, 48, 51.
Thanks for your input.


Hi Jeff,
The UHF section of the Hd Stacker is basically 9032-22 design. It is made by Winegard however, unlike the 9032 and 22 it has be cut to channels 14-51 the UHF channel frequencies currently in use.
See  Because of this the Stacker UHF performance is better than the HD 9032. The Stacker VHF performance compared to the YA 1713 is nearly the same.
The spacing of the antennas will vary from the phasing used to couple the two antennas and the design of each antenna.

I doubt that the spacing on the Stacker would be ideal for the two antennas you mentioned. The Winegard engineers spaced and phased the two antennas of the Stacker using computer programs to get optimum performance from each antenna. We could have simply put the YA 1713 on the Stacker but we didn't because the spacing between the antennas would have to be much greater. In other words, the VHF antenna design of the Stacker is as it is because of the spacing we wanted between the antennas. We wanted to keep the two antennas close together rather than separate them by 3 or 4 feet.
Frankly I doubt you'll get as good of performance from the HD 9032 and the YA 1713 as you will with the Stacker. If you could space and phase the two antennas as well as the Stacker the performance would be similar but I doubt you can without an analyzer and a lot of effort.
If you have any questions or if I can assist you further please don't hesitate to contact me.
Best Regards,
Denny Duplessis


Thank you for the information and your openness.
Indications are that the HD Stacker antenna is the product to match the performance I am trying to achieve.
I will most likely be placing an order this weekend (I know, sale ends) and will document/inform you of the final outcome.  The installation is for a friend having a ‘retreat’ cottage restored - with hopes to be completed by mid to late October.