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HD Stacker Bowling Ball Test

I was trying to come up with a way to demonstrate the strength of the HD Stacker. That's hard to do on the Internet. My wife Rhonda said, hang something on it. I said what? My son Tony said, bowling balls. Yes, those are plungers suction cupped to the balls (my idea). The funniest part is each ball had to be wet to get suction. They would hang for about a minute sometimes less. I never new when any given ball would suddenly let loose and drop to the ground. After several attempts dancing around to avoid falling bowling balls landing on my feet I manage to get four balls hanging. I said to my wife, TAKE THE PICTURE but she was laughing so hard she couldn't before a ball fell. I finally manage to get four balls hanging and my wife got this picture.

Hd Stacker bowling ball test

56# of bowling balls hanging from the elements of the HD Stacker antenna.