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         Save Money with a TV antenna

You Can Save a lot of Money with a TV Antenna


     It’s estimated that Americans spend about 72 billion dollars a year on cable TV service. The amazing thing is we pay for the TV service and then most of the time we use the pay service to watch free TV.  

   When it comes to saving money you shouldn’t overlook the monthly cable bill. This could be an unnecessary expense that you can do without. People can become so accustomed to this recurring expense it can be overlooked as a potential instant money saver. Getting rid of cable TV is a sure fire method to instantly cut household cost. Most of those who make the switch find pay TV is not a necessity but rather an overpriced luxury that they can do without.

    The last time I subscribed to cable TV was in 1982 and the fee was $9.85 a month. I thought it would be interesting to see what other things would cost today (2/24/08) if they had incurred the same average price per household increase as cable TV has since 1982. My research shows a postage stamp would cost $1.20. A loaf of bread $3.60, a gallon of milk $10.74, and my favorite a gallon of gasoline would cost $7.14.

   Terminating cable service to save money is quite painless for most. The average cable TV viewer already spends more than 75% of their family viewing time watching free to the air TV on their cable service. Most people say switching to free TV was easy and the money they save is great!

   Making the Switch to free TV to save money makes more sense now than it ever has before. Thanks to new digital technology free to air TV can offer more channels and the picture is stunning. Most people agree the picture quality is far superior to that of their cable TV service. Saving money seems to be on everyone’s mind today. With the economy what it is it just makes good sense to cut non essential cost where you can and for many people eliminating the cable bill is a great place to start.

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