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Radio Shack TV Antenna Preamplifier

Name: Darren
Email: ________________________
Ask your customer service question: Denny,
We purchased a HD Stacker antenna from you in May of 2012. We installed it on a 40ft pole with the rotor we also purchased from you at the same time. I installed a Radio Shack 15-2507 preamplifier, that we already had at that time. We had wonderful reception of every channel we wanted. Last July we had a large number of storms in our area and we lost our favorite channel(7-1,KOAM). It's only 40 miles from us and I tried everything I knew to get it back with no luck. So we had to turn the antenna north west and pull in another station(5-1,KCTV) from 150 miles away to watch the same network. Last night we had a storm and now can't pull it,or any other KC stations in. Could all of this be due to damage to the preamp? Can a preamp loose certain frequencies? We still receive other channels crystal clear. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Darren,
Yes, preamplifier's can be damaged and loose specific frequencies. It sounds as though the Radio Shack 15-2507 preamplifier has now stopped working completely. At your location in Nevada I recommend the AP 8780 preamplifier as a replacement. This unit has more lightning protection built into the unit than the Radio Shack preamplifier so it shouldn't happen again or at least it's much less likely to happen.
If you have any questions or if I can assist you further please don't hesitate to contact me.
Best Regards,
Denny Duplessis

Thank you very much for the very helpful information. The preamplifier you recommend is not quite as powerful as the Radio Shack we have now.  With it we can get KC and Springfield channels as well as Joplin and Pittsburg.  Will the AP8780 do this also? Thanks again for your reply.

I recommended the AP 8780 because I was concerned that too much VHF amplification would overdrive the  VHF signals.  If that wasn't a problem with the Radio Shack preamplifier it will likely be okay to go with the Channel Master 7777 preamplifier.  This unit has about the same signal gain as the Radio Shack  preamplifier and is of better quality and has almost 4 dB less noise.

Thanks much, Darren.