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Phoenix Arizona TV Antenna Reception Reports

Actual TV antenna reception reports submitted by Phoenix consumer. 

With your help we are building the worlds largest data base of real reception reports from real people. I am not going to fill this page with only good reports. If there's a poor reception area we want you to know about it.

Gilbert, AZ. 85234

Cannot believe how easy installation was. No pixelation on local channels at all, and the signal on some is quite weak, but the EZ HD reaches out and gets them anyway. We are thrilled!

Mesa AZ.

Your EZ HD antenna > is great! I installed it on the back side of my house about 12 feet above ground and wow! In Mesa I get crystal clear reception on over 70 channels. Thank you for such a great antenna.

North of Phoenix

I'm located north of the city and you recommended the EZ HD antenna > for me. I installed it yesterday and couldn't be happier. Lots of crystal clear channels and No Cable Bill! I'll spread the word about your antenna.

Happy camper,

Glendale AZ.

I wanted the EZ HD antenna but you advised me to go with the HD Stacker antenna >. I wanted to install in my attic and you said because I have a slate roof with stucco siding the HD Stacker antenna would be a better choice. I don't know how well the EZ HD would have worked but I'm totally satisfied with the HD Stacker.


Phoenix, AZ.

You were right Denny. I emailed you and you told me the reason I wasn't getting channels 8. 10, and 12 was because of the antenna I was using. They are VHF channels and you said, the antenna I had wasn't good for VHF reception. I took your advice and got your EZ HD antenna > and was surprised when the VHF channels came in crystal clear.

Robert G.Phoenix, Arizona

Hi Robert,

It's unfortunate but most of the antennas on the market today are not designed for the reception of VHF TV signals even though they may claim to be for both VHF and UHF reception. To receive VHF signal requires the antenna be larger with protruding longer elements. Even though that makes the antenna a little less eye appealing we can't change the physics of TV reception.

Take Care,

I'm in the Phoenix area and I've purchased 4 of your EZ HD's now. Everyone of them has performed flawlessly. Thanks for designing such a great antenna.


Surprise, AZ

Well Denny I pulled the trigger and bought your EZ HD antenna. I have tried several antennas here in Surprise. I removed the antenna I had and replaced it with the EZ HD. I couldn't be happier. All of the Phoenix channels are flawless.

Surprise, Arizona

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