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No UHF Channel Signal Reception

Q- I recently purchased and installed your EZ HD antenna and pre-amp. I am able to get the VHF channels in my area but none of the UHF channels. The VHF towers are farther away than the UHF towers, so any suggestions why am not able to get the UHF channels? I'm not getting UHF channel reception at all.

A- The most likely cause is the TV tuner is set to the "Cable TV" mode. In this mode the TV will only receive VHF signals.

In the TV menu settings you should find a "Tuner" or "Source" selection option. The option will offer "Cable TV", "Broadcast", "Air", Antenna  or something to that effect. Choose the appropriate option. This should be the issue. Find it, change it, and rescan for channels. Once the proper selection is made the UHF channels should come in.