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TV Antenna Selection for Mississippi       Mississippi State Flag

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Best TV antenna for:
Ecru, MS 38841

1. Address: _________________ Ecru Mississippi 38841
2. Email: _______________________
3. Approximately how many feet above ground level will the antenna be installed?: 30
4. Will the antenna be installed outside above the roofline, in the attic, etc...?: outside
5. How many TV locations within your home will the antenna supply? In other words, will a signal splitter be in use and if so how many times will the splitter divide the TV signal?: 2
6. Approximately how long will the coax cable run be from the antenna to the TV. If a signal splitter is in use how long will the cable run be from the antenna to the furthest TV: 50


I retrieved all of the reception data for the location. There are both VHF and UHF TV signals available. The TV transmitters are located in various directions with signal strength ratings from strong to moderate in strength. A very good choice for the conditions is the HD Stacker TV antenna > . A rotor to aim the antenna to the appropriate direction will be required to receive all available channels.

Along with the antenna use the
LNA 200 preamplifier > for best results. The LNA 200 will boost the signal and help deliver a strong signal to both TV locations within your home.

I'm confident the HD Stacker antenna will provide outstanding reception and you will receive at least one channel of every major network plus sub channels.

If you have any further questions please ask.


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Gautier 39553
I'm making the transition to HDTV and want to take advantage of OTA HDTV.  I pay the cable company enough right now!  It amazed and appaled me when I found out that they want $20-30 more per month to provide HDTV content to my house.  Even worse - that's for only 5 channels!  But enough about them...
I've been scouring the internet for over a month while doing research on TVs, tuners, cabling/connections and antennas.  It was a blessing when I finally came across your website - it's been extremely informative!  Right now I could use some of your expertise.  My address is _________ Rd, Gautier, MS, 39553.  (**Please protect my address info if you post this in the Ask Denny section of your site).  My home is single story, but it has an extremely large attic and the roof is likely as tall as an average two-story home.  I'm trying to juggle a few things in my antenna choice: 
1.  Maximizing reception - especially HD content. 
     a.  Channel assignments range from a low of 9 up to channel 48, so I need to be able to receive both VHF/UHF
     b.  HD content for the channels is coming from two different bearing envelopes: 68 - 79 degrees and 310 - 324 degreesA lot of the good OTA programming comes from 
          East of me at 48-66 miles, but I still want HD ABC and it's only being broadcast from West of me.
     c.  Neither of the Fox channels, WXXV or WALA, are being broadcast in HD right now.  What can I do to influence them to send out the HD signal?  Additionally, WALA-
          DT, channel 10, is only being broadcast at 29kW.  Even though the antenna is at 1250ft elevation, I'm concerned about being able to receive this channel if WXXV does not go
          HD at a reasonable transmission strength.
2.  Minimizing impact on the exterior aesthetics of my house.  If I can avoid a large directional antenna, then that is my preference.
3.  Avoiding tuner issues when redetecting/locking onto channels after rotating antenna. 
My biggest concern is whether or not a roof-mounted MS2000 will be sufficient to pull the HD signals from stations available in my area.  If it won't work, then I run into issues like:
1.  What's the best large, directional antenna that I should use for good reception while minimizing size/aesthetic impact?
2.  How do I avoid issues of having to redetect/identify channels averytime I change bearings to receive channels on other bearings?
Thanks in advance for your help and I look forward to talking to you more!!
Greetings William,
Cable and lately satellite are in my opinion shooting themselves in the foot. In the near future they will offer HDTV across the board for well over one hundred dollars for basic and say take it or leave it. Not only are we in the middle of a digital transition I see definite evidence we are also in a transition from pay TV to free TV. Anyway the OTA signal is a much better picture most of the time anyway.
Now I admit a chance does exist that the omnidirectional antenna > may not deliver satisfactory results at your location. I personally would try it because I believe the chances are better than 50% that it will work.
If you decide to just go with the sure thing I recommend the HD Stacker antenna >  antenna along with a LNA 200 TV antenna preamplifier >.
If I can assist you further William, please don't hesitate to contact me.
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