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                                        Ice Fishing On Mille Lacs Lake

I have never ice fished out of a fish house before. As I emailed back and forth with Bill a customer who had purchased a HD Stacker antenna from Denny's TV Antenna Source my online business I became more and more interested in this ice house, ice fishing thing. He told me you could rent a fish house on Mille Lacs Lake. I suggested to my son Tony that we should drive the 14 hours take a break and go fishing and he agreed. So we called and made reservation but didn't tell the customer Bill. When we got there we talked to a man at the rental business and were able to locate Bill's fish house. You should have seen his face when I said, I'm Denny and I came to check out your TV reception. He invited us in and man what a set up. Recliners, big HDTV and well equipped kitchen. While we were visiting a bell rang and Bill's friend got up out of his recliner and pulled up a perch. What a set up! What a great get a way!


Ice fish as we drove onto Mille Lacs LakeMille Lacs Lake as we drove onto the lake.

The roadway to the Fish House on Mille Lacs LakeThe roadway to the fish house on Mille lacs Lake

This is the entrance that we used to get onto Mille Lacs Lake. You can see a couple of fish houses straight ahead on the bay.

This is the roadway on the 8 mile trip out to the fish house. If the wind is blowing it needs plowed almost constantly by the fish house rental company. The scenery is wide open and you can see for miles.

The dark spots in the picture are 100's of fish houses miles away.

The fish house we rented for 5 days on Mille Lacs lake

This view is out the side of the car. Those specs you can see in the distance are hundreds of fish houses.

This was our home on ice. Heated and lit with propane. Even at 25 below it was warm and comfortable. Complete with two bunks a small kitchen area with stove. Six holes to fish through and complete solitude. 

The view from inside of the fish house on Mille Lacs Lake

What do you do when you get stuck on Mille Lacs Lake?

This is the view from inside the fish house. Plenty of windows to enjoy the view.

Like most young people Tony couldn't help getting the car stuck. There is a wooden bridge below the snow going over a large crack in the ice. The crack is formed when the ice expands as it' freezes. No danger but the crack is too big for the car tires. Even though the car is all wheel drive it wouldn't move. The left  tires were hanging off the bridge and not touching the ice. With a little shoveling and pushing we were out in about 15 minutes. Just part of the adventure.

Ice fishing on Mile Lacs Lake. Probably not for everyone but we sure enjoyed the experience.

Had a great time would recommend it to anyone who likes the outdoors and ice fishing. It's an experience I'll never forget.


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