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How to Connect a TV Antenna and Digital Converter Box

Hi I am trying to install an HDTV antenna and converter box to my analog tv.  Can you help me with this?

I'll certainly try to help. What model antenna do you have? Is the antenna going to be indoors or out? What model converter do you have? Denny

Hi Denny- I disconnected Directv and bought a Roku 3 for my bedroom and it is excellent BUT I want the local channels in my living room.  I have a 2001 Toshiba 42” analog and just purchased the RCA DTA800B1 Converter box and a Lava 2805 Ultra G3 outside antenna.

Install the antenna as per instructions. There should be a power box with the antenna. The coax cable from the antenna is ran to the input of the power box. On this box there should also be a coax cable output. Run coax cable from the output of the the antenna power box to the coax cable input on the back of the digital converter box. From the converter box run another coax cable to the coax cable input on the back of the TV. Plug the antenna power box into the electrical outlet. Next tune the TV to channel 3. Now turn on the converter box. There should be a set up feature displayed on the TV screen. If the set up screen doesn't already display you may have to choose "menu" on the converter box remote and look for the set up feature. The converter box will scan for channels. When it's done you should have reception.
 Coax cable runs from:
 1. Antenna to antenna power box input.
 2. From power box output to the digital converter box input. (Only antennas with preamplifiers have a power box)
 3. From the converter box output to the coax cable input on the back of the TV.
 4. Set the TV to channel 3.
 5. Run the set up feature on the converter box.
 Hope this helps.

Thank you so much.  I will do this as soon as I get home.  Thanks again!!!!  Denise

You're welcome Denise. If you run into any issues please let me know and I'll see if I can help.
Good luck! Denny

Good morning Denny!  You are a genius!!!!  Thank you so much.  I tried for 2 days following the instructions that came with the antenna and converter box and couldn’t do it.  I followed your instructions and it didn’t take me 5 minutes.  Thanks you again, Denise

That's great Denise. I'm happy I could help. Enjoy your free TV.

One more thing-after reading the reviews on Lava HD2805, I know I will be replacing it within the next one-two years because of the Oklahoma weather.  And I will be replacing it with your antenna EZ HD Tv or the Stacker.

Okay, we'll be here when you're ready for a new antenna. You are correct those Lava antennas don't last long. Try to use the built-in rotor as little as possible because that is the part that usually goes first.