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Is over the air digital HDTV picture quality really better than cable of satellite?


I just wanted to call and express my gratitude for your help in selecting and installing my new antenna system.  I have recently decided to jettison my satellite system in favor of going to straight OTA.  I got a TiVo system 3 for Christmas that enables me to record all network and local stations the same as if I had satellite or cable--only the TiVo is a much better interface and system.
My problem is that I live in rural Wisconsin about 43 miles from both Milwaukee and Madison.  When  called you, you did some quick research and initially recommended a two directional antennas since the signals were in opposite directions.  I really did not want a rotor and wasn't too excited about the cost and technical challenges with a two system set up.  You then recommended that I try the Winegard MS 2000omnidirectional antenna. You talked me through my 2-TV set up and packaged a set of cables and fittings for just a few dollars more.
Instructions were clear-I climbed up on my roof and had all the exterior work done in 15 minutes !!! I move fast in Wisconsin January weather. I finished off all interior set up in another 15 minutes.  For both exterior and interior segments all I needed was a simple adjustable crescent-type wrench.
I had only been able to weakly receive a couple of stations with temporary boosted rabbit ears but when I finally plugged in the MS 2000 and flipped on the Power strip to which my HDTV/TiVo/Bluray was connected. . . SHAZZAM !!! the HD OTA broadcasts lit up the screen and I have the clearest digital reception from both Madison and Milwaukee and I think even a couple from Rockford and Chicago. What a blessing.  Thank you Denny for your advice and support.
It is rare these days to get BOTH internet buying AND professional technical support in clear English.  I would recommend that anyone buy through.  You made a daunting task truly simple. NO MORE $ 40 per month Satellite bills and my picture is far better especially in HD.  !!!!!  Have a great 2008.  John. And no I am not a relative or employee of Denny.

I love it when I get emails like yours, it makes my day. As a matter of fact I just read it to my son Tony who has taken over the installation portion of our business and his response was, WOW!
I don't have satellite or cable HD but several of our customer's insist that over the air HD is much clearer then either satellite or cable.
I want to thank you John for doing business with us, we really do appreciate it. If you ever need any further assistance please don't hesitate to contact me.
Take Care,
Hello Denny's Antenna,
Yes, when I began to wean myself from cable/satellite subscription services I expected many compromises.  Even though I knew that the majority of my viewing was from network shows, I really had been enjoying the clear picture and snow-free reception of my Satellite system.  A year ago I heard about the digital switch-over mandated by the FCC and was shown the clear picture a digital broadcast provided.  The signal was stronger and you either got a perfect picture or nothing at all.  What I would miss most was the freedom to record programming at my choice of time and place.  DVRs provided this service and it was part of my Satellite  package.  This feature would be the biggest sacrifice that ,in my opinion, was a deal breaker. I simply did not wish t have TV programing regulate my evenings as it did when I was a child.  When I found that TiVo was now producing DVRs that could capture HD digital broadcasts the last barrier fell.  I soon began to visualize the sense of freedom I would have with going to a all digital over-the-air (OTA) HD system. I was again miffed that the Satellite/cable companies charged EXTRA for programing and equipment to get and record HD programing.
When I made the transition this Christmas all I needed was a HD capable TiVo a new flat-screen HDTV (for which I had been saving for a while) and a OTA antenna system.  The antenna was the cheapest part- $108 total ! (I already had an old tower that worked fine but a Chimney or gable would also work) The Winegard MS 2000 I got from you is so much less intrusive aesthetically than the monstrosity I had years ago--just a 21" flat white disk. (no offense all you big antenna people)
The bonus I discovered was that OTA HD broadcasts are BETTER than what the HD cable and Satellite can provide because of their need to compress the signal.  OTA broadcasters have plenty of bandwidth for native resolution. The difference  between my old Satellite reception (which I still have so I can switch back and forth and compare) is dramatic even to an uncritical and novice eye like mine.  Most digital channels broadcast multiple programs (3 to 5) on different frequencies so I have a 15-1, 15-2, 15-3 etc. Altogether I have a choice of over 30 programing options--AND I'm in the country  !!!!.   I couldn't be happier.  Thanks for your help and encouragement. All I have left to do is to sent my Satellite system back and I am totally free !! Actually to be completely candid I still pay 10 dollars a month for TiVo but that is a fraction of my prior cost and the TiVo interface is far superior.  Spread the word.  I predict a boom in antenna sales and a loss of market share for the cable/satellite industry.

Update, Since the time I received this email I have had the opportunity on several occasions to compare over the air HDTV to both cable and satellite and I have to say there's no comparison. Over the HDTV picture quality using a TV antenna is noticeably Superior to those of cable or satellite.

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