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HD Stacker Customer Comments and Reviews     Page 2

HD Stacker Review
Anthem, AZ

Hi Denny,

I wanted to give you an update on my Anthem, AZ. attic antenna installation. The install is complete and includes your HD Stacker antenna mounted in my attic over my garage aimed at the suggested 163 degrees at the Phoenix, AZ south mountain towers. Because I am about 40+ miles away, my coax runs are long and I'm using a splitter. I also installed the AP 8700 pre-amp (easy installation). The entire installation was very straight forward and went without a hitch except for the unavoidable need to go in the attic.

The results.

I get all of the stations I want crystal clear (noticeably nicer than cox cable) I even get a bunch of analog stations that I don't want and the picture is OK for most. considering the transmitters are a long way away, there is a small mountain and a few houses in line of sight, the antenna is in the attic and my house construction is stucco this astounds me. I couldn't be happier. Thanks for all of your personal help. If you need a recommendation in the Phoenix area send them my way.

Anthem (Phoenix) AZ


HD Stacker Review
Longmont. CO

Thanks for all of your help selecting and installing our new antenna. We purchased the HD Stacker and, per your recommendation, put it in the attic and it is working great! Picture is awesome and we are getting all of the major networks and then some. There is insufficient room for a rotor in the attic, but the majority of the stations come from one location anyway. We used the site to identify all station locations and we were pleased to see a few from alternate directions as well.
I appreciated the step-by-step directions on your site. Send my thanks to Josh S.
One additional caution about installing in the attic. If you drop the mounting hardware, it is virtually impossible to find in the insulation. We did have one hiccup, the crimp fit for the VHF section was extremely tight. Quite difficult to get it seated far enough to reinstall the element that holds the two sections together. Don't expect I can get it back apart again (don't expect I will need to).
Kindest Regards,
Longmont, CO.


HD Stacker Review
Frederick, MI

We ordered the HD Stacker, placed it in our attic and pick up over 46 channels with great reception. I made up for the missing channels like History and Discovery by getting an $8.99 per month Netflix account. We should save about $62.00 per month.
Frederick, Mi


HD Stacker Review
Fayetteville, NC

Put my antenna up and loving it. I am terminating cable and satellite in a few days thanks to you. I appreciate the fine service, information and product. Was able to hook up the Stacker w/preamp for 6 tv's. Thought I would need a distribution amp but seems to work fine without one. Thanks again.
Michael W.
Fayetteville, NC.


HD Stacker Review
Fredonia, WI

Got the HD Stacker and A 8700 installed today. Only had enough straight mast left (after the blizzard took out my old antenna) to go 23' above the ground though my house is on a bit of a hill.
All of the Milwaukee channels are crystal clear and as a bonus we're getting great reception out of Green Bay too.
Although it's only been a half a day and in good clear weather I'm impressed.
Take care
Fredonia, WI.


HD Stacker Review
Barlett, IL

A couple of months ago I bought a stacker from you for a farm house south of Chicago. The picture and stations I am getting are unbelievable. It also was very easy to put together and get setup.
Now since it is working so well I want to buy another for my home near Chicago
Thanks for your help
Bartlett, Il


HD Stacker Review
White Pine, TN


I just wanted to drop a note and let you know that after receiving my HD Stacker Antenna, I mounted it the next day. It took about three hours by the time I put it together, got it up in the attic, and got everything hooked up. As soon as I programmed my television I received approximately 20-25 channels from Knoxville, TN and Johnson City, TN areas. Many were high def. and the signal and overall picture is great. I live about 35 miles from Knoxville and about 50 miles from Johnson City. I cannot believe the clarity and reception I now have. I wish I had known about this antenna sooner. It's a great product and I'm completely satisfied.
Thanks for your help.

Al H.
White Pine, TN.


HD Stacker Review
Shelby, OH

I just temporarily hung my Stacker antenna on the clothes line pole in the back yard to set it up and test it before I climb and permanently mount it on my tower. I'm already receiving 20 channels with no rotor up to 70 miles away and am so happy with it I could just @#%#! Thank you so much for bearing with me and e-mail answering every question so promptly and in such detail. You are indeed the antenna man!

Frank E.
Shelby, OH


HD Stacker Review
Woodland, PA


I wanted to thank-you for developing a super antenna, the HD Stacker. I live in a very rural area of PA (Woodland). I am located about 94 miles northeast of Pittsburgh. Woodland is about 50 miles northwest of Altoona, PA. The area is very mountainous.

When I was a kid we could only receive 2 channels (CBS Altoona and PBS Clearfield). Amazingly, I am able to receive about 20 TV stations with the HD Stacker, a Channel Master rotor and amp. This includes almost all of the Pittsburgh stations. I would highly recommend this antenna to anyone seeking to ditch their cable company or satellite dish.

We also were surprised to find Pittsburgh 53-2 is now broadcasting as The Country Network. It is country music video network that is competing with CMT and GAC but broadcast 24/7 OTA. This was our only hesitation in dropping Directv was not being able to watch country videos. With TCN and the HD Stacker, I can say good-by to pay TV.

Thanks Again,

Bernie _________
Woodland, PA


HD Stacker Review
Pleasant Gap, PA

Hi Dennis the HD Stacker Antenna & Preamplifier 8780 is working Great the reception is way better then I thought it was going to be. I am running 5 TV's off the HD Stacker Antenna with the AP 8780 preamplifier with excellent results in fact its way better Picture then cable TV. Thanks for recommending the HD Stacker Antenna & the 8780 for my location here in Pleasant Gap, 16823 Central Pennsylvania.

Dennis if you like you can add this to your HD Stacker customer comments and reviews. I can send pictures and before I forget the HD Antenna was very easy to assemble the instructions were very accurate.

I will email you further results Dennis I got a total of 16 channels & I have not turned the HD Stacker Antenna to see if I could get more Channels. It is set west south west direction as of now and get 16 channels & the signal strength is a 90 percent on all 5 TV's running at the same time


HD Stacker Review
Central, TX

Hi Denny-Got your Stacker antenna installed Saturday. Wow! it works as advertised. But that's not what surprised me the most. What did surprise me is the quality of the materials and construction. In today's world of cheap imported junk it was great to receive a quality made in America product. I want to thank you for that.

In great appreciation,
Larry S.
Central Texas.


HD Stacker Review
Lynch Station, VA

Denny, Your Stacker Antenna worked so well I am ordering one for my son.
Thanks Again
Gary _________
Lynch Station, VA 24751


HD Stacker Review
Fort Collins, CO

I've been using the Stacker antenna for over a month now and it is amazing.
I am recommending your product to everyone I know. I just installed one at my brother in laws house after he saw the picture quality. He lives in northern Fort Collins and he was able to get all of the channels as well.
Jim ____________
Fort Collins, CO.


HD Stacker Review
Oracle, AZ

I received the antenna just yesterday, and hooked it all up and got it running. I have to say that this is the greatest antenna I have ever seen.
I am located in a small village of Oracle, AZ which is exactly 90 miles crow fly distance from Phoenix.
I am receiving 33 (that's not a typo) channels perfectly clearly, and half of them are HD. Also that's through 70 ft. of coax cable from the antenna to the TV.
So I want to thank you, Denny, for creating this exceptionally fine antenna.
Best to you John E.
Oracle, AZ.


HD Stacker Review
Ventura, CA

Denny: The HD stacker TV antenna & preamplifier works great! We receive over 115 free channels. Thank you for your help.
Ventura, CA.


HD Stacker Review
Felton, DE

I Purchased the HD Stacker antenna, VHF/UHF/FM/digital/HD the Winegard A-8700 amplifier with power supply, Channel Master 9521A remote controlled antenna rotor as well as the TR-36 tripod mount. I installed all equipment as per instructions on your Internet site. When I turned on my TV WHAT A SURPRISE. I could receive more channels than I thought possible. This antenna was great. Why did I not do this sooner.

Edward J. __________
Felton, DE 19943


HD Stacker Review
Mendota, IL

Hi Denny,

I had to write to tell you the third time is the charm. I previously tried two antennas before I got the Stacker including the "rip-off" 150 mile antenna. The stacker antenna by far is serving my family best. Even though I'm located in Mendota, Il. 82 miles from the Chicago transmitters my reception is great.

Thank you for the outstanding product.

Robert (Bob) _______________

Mendota, Il. 61342  


Cliff proudly displaying his HD Stacker installation
Cliff proudly displays his HD Stacker antenna installation in Somerset, KY. 

Denny, Rhonda and Crew!

This may be long but all fact. We had never tried the new digital OTA (over the air) system as we always had cable or Sat. over many decades. One month we took a hard look at the $75.00 a month Sat. services. We don't view all 2,568 stations that we pay for...ok just kidding...about 200...mostly music and info/crapola stations with a few good ones tossed in to keep you. One day I removed the cable line from the rear of our new Samsung Digital TV, took a short piece of stripped wire and plugged it into the antenna jack. Flipped the other end of the common wire over e curtain rod. Ran the ANTENNA SEARCH program (found in every newer TV) and that was how I discovered FREE HI DEF TV!!!. I was able to pull in 4 or 5 good hi quality stations with a piece of wire...and was thinking...what if I had a good antenna?

Found your web site...did a lot of reading and ordered the HD Stacker...along with it a small (and really automatic rotor) a 3 legged roof mount...and a small amp...also a Channel Master. All arrived in a few days...and put together...I used the orig. coax cable from the dish by the way!! free and all the routing already done. My neighbor and I set it up in about an hour. (See photos)

We live up in them tha'r hills in Kentucky...1400 feet in the middle...60 to 80 miles by crow...or Kentucky buzzard of Louisville, Somerset KY. in the middle...Nashville Tenn. and really had no idea everything wood work.

I was anxious to try it all out and hooked everything up powered it all up and was surprised to scan more than 30 (thirty) hi Def & regular digital tv stations at the first try!! The thing is we live at about 75 miles from each station!! but even without using the rotor many stations came in 100% clear from the side of the little Stacker!!

We did miss the DVR...Digital video recorder(all Hi Def) that the sat. had...($8.00 a month extra) (used it to record and skip commercials!!)... that will save you 17 mins of time per 1 hour show.

We found that Channel Master had a new one on the we tried it. Super! it records Ho Deff! (CM 7000). I also hooked up a blue ray DVD and the associated streaming of the DSL computer. Between the Stacker's outstanding reception and the Blue Ray we have a complete system but with the types of TV we wish to view. All at no charge and unreal quality (did you know antenna signals are MUCH better quality as compared to sat. and cable feeds.

Pay back? in just 4 months for the complete package! (-DVR & BR). We still get mail for us to "Be welcomed back" from the sat. co....nope...never again will I pay for what's free and works so perfect.

All in a line... Great products, great people to deal with and fully 100% pleased. A win win for you...but not a good deal for the sat. and cable co's!!


Cliff (& Sandy) __________
Falcon Ridge
Somerset, Ky 42501
(it's ok to post my email)




Bob displays the giant antenna replaced by the HD Stacker
Bob displays the giant antenna the HD Stacker replaced.


HD Stacker Review
Newberg, OR


I just wanted you to know that the HD Stacker arrived Friday and I built it and installed it on Saturday. I did a before/after check of the signal strength (using the TV signal strength readout) and saw improvement on all channels! I was also able to remove the home brew UHF 4-bay antenna I built without sacrificing any performance. And it doesn't look like I'll need to add a pre-amp like I thought I might.

My main goal was to improve reception on channel 6 (RF 40)n which is our CBS station. Using the signal strength indicator on my TV, I saw the level change from 4 bars (my old antenna) to 7 bars. I'm not sure what a bar equates to in micro volts/meter but it made reception much more solid.

Assembling the HD Stacker went well and all parts were there in the shipment. Construction quality of the antenna sections was good. I really like the compact nature of the Stacker compared to the 12 foot behemoth it replaced.

Next step is to replace the old RG 59 coax with new RG 6, as recommended. (just ordered tonight).

Thanks for your support and for the nice antenna design.

Newberg, OR.


Denny, I finally got around to taking a picture of the antenna that I replaced with your Stacker. See attachment.


HD Stacker Review
Location Unknown

Hi Denny, 

I just want to say Thanks! Your website, your HD Stacker antenna and your service after the sale has made one happy customer. I did a lot of research and the information and suggestions on your site gave me the great solution to my situation. I now have a great antenna installed at my camp (16 channels) and I am looking forward to watching football with the boys between hunts.

Thanks again!

HD Stacker Review
Location Unknown

Roberts HD Stacker installation
Robert's HD Stacker installation


I took your advice, ordered the HD stacker and your kit for installation. It works very well and I took your recommendation and also ordered the amp.

It sits on top of a tower approx. 35 feet tall. No problem getting St. louis and also catching signal from the south (PBS Carbondale). Further found a channel from Poplar Bluff Missouri.

Again thanks for your recommendation and time.
Very happy customer



HD Stacker Review
Location Unknown


Just wanted to let you know... I just installed my new stacker with preamp. I'm getting several more channels, the picture is MUCH clearer, and many come in in HD. THANKS for the great product!!!



HD Stacker Review
Jensen Beach, FL

I am saving 83.00 a month canceled comcast the day I put up the stacker excellent reception.

Don K.
Jensen Beach Fl.


HD Stacker Review
Waupun, Wisconsin


I just got the new stacker antenna installed on the roof. I am very impressed! I love the small design of the antenna which made it fairly easy to take up on the roof. I can't believe how many channels it pulls in! I am very happy! Just thought you might like to know.

Thanks again
Waupun, Wisconsin.


HD Stacker Review
Location Unknown


Just wanted to give you an update. I received the HD Stacker antenna and installed it in my attic. The installation was quick and easy, and I'm happy to say that I am getting all of the channels I was trying to get even some that I didn't think would come in. I'm very satisfied with the purchase and I have already recommended your site/antenna to a coworker who was looking for an antenna (I believe he placed an order already too). Keep up the good work! Your equipment and advice is top notch, and I will continue to point people in your direction.



HD Stacker Review
Powder Springs, GA

Dear Denny,

We are watching FREE TV on 45 channels. The quality is fantastic with HD much better than the cable company. The HD Stacker is installed in the attic with a booster connected to 50 feet of cable connected to 2 LCD's. I've recommended the HD Stacker to many of my friends.

Powder Springs, GA 30127


HD Stacker Review
Zeeland, MI


UPS dropped off the Stacker antenna Friday evening. I assembled it and have it up and working. What a huge difference between the Stacker and the HBU33 antenna I had. I have it installed without an amp/booster, pointed it SE towards the majority of the station towers. All my stations come in with a strong signals (80-90%) and I still get channel 13 (WZZM) directly north of me in Grant with a strong signal.

My wife and I are very pleased. I have already recommended your antenna to 2 people who have been curious to see the results. Thank you for your help.

Thanks again,


HD Stacker Review
Lancaster, OH


Just wanted to let you know how pleased I have been with the HD Stacker the last 6 months. The reception has been awesome and the only drawback is my converter box "Zenith". The stacker has gone through some very high wind storms and with it being so compact and the center of gravity close to the pole (not hanging out 6 feet either side) it remains solid.

Thanks Again,
Lancaster, OH. 4313


HD Stacker Review
Plano, TX


Just a quick not to say thank you for such an awesome website. I have read every page. I'm a pretty handy guy but I was a bit nervous about this whole antenna thing. I wasn't confident I would get good reception without a bunch of problems.

I ordered your stacker antenna just to make darn sure the antenna was not undersized. I live in Allen, Texas and by all maps, we are in a good zone. I placed the antenna IN MY ATTIC, pointed it correctly and BAM!!! More channels then expected. CRYSTAL CLEAR, easy as that. NO amplifiers, boosters or tricks of any kind. Hell...I had to go through the menu and hide about 15 perfectly good channels we do not watch. Mostly Latino and religious channels. I sure wish I could do that with cable.

I am so friggin happy I found your site (and antenna) I'll be selling more for you guaranteed.


(Name reprinted with permission)

Dutch Hancock 

Hancock Fence and Fabricating

Residential Fence Replacement Specialists


HD Stacker Review
Location Unknown

Hi Dennis, I installed the HD stacker and amp last Saturday. It works perfect and brings in stations 100 miles north of me in Grand Forks, North Dakota. I had to turn the Stacker away from GF to avoid getting too many channels, a total of 26 channels at one time, most all from GF were just the same channels I get around my place. Thanks, that antenna and amp are awesome!! Rick_____


HD Stacker Review
Location Unknown


Stacker up and running. 9 channels and quite a few secondary channels (18 total channels). I'm even getting a great signal from 133 degrees and 194 degrees (pointing 270 degrees) All perfect reception.



HD Stacker Review
East Troy, WI

Good Morning...

I just bought an HD Stacker and put it on my roof about 18ft. high. So far totally impressed as I'm pulling signal from just about all Chicago stations 75 miles away... (NBC/FOX/ABC no problem) with great reception.

The only channel I'm having problems with is 2/CBS. I'm out in East Troy, Wisconsin 53120 and just wondering if there's anything I can do additional/suggestions you may have (aside from raising the antenna. to maybe pull in the signal.


Return comment from Denny

Hi Mike,

I'm totally impressed with the fact you are getting Chicago stations at your location. I took the time to look up your address so I could pinpoint your location. The signals from Chicago as you know are not your primary channels those from Milwaukee are primary. The signals from Chicago are so weak at your local that most expert would say you would not get them but you are. Channel 2 is the weakest signal out of Chicago and short of raising the antenna I doubt there's much you can do to get that channel under the circumstances.

The fact that you are getting Chicago stations at all is very impressive.



HD Stacker Review
Location Unknown


I received and installed the new Stacker antenna. I checked the signal strengths on channels 13, 19, 23, and 41 immediately before removing my Winegard HD 8200U, and immediately after installing the Stacker. The switch took about an hour. Following the switch I observed stronger signals on all four channels with the antenna pointed in the same direction as the 8200U. I then experimented with the antenna position to get the strongest signal with the Stacker. I found that when adjusted to get the best signal on channel 23, the signal strength of the other channels varies little if any. Local channel 49 often comes in off of the side of the Stacker. Also, with the Stacker I can use the same antenna position for both 49 and PBS 27. This wasn't possible with the 8200U.

The two weakest signals are still channels 23 and 41. However, with the Stacker the weakest channel (channel m23) is now viewable most of the time while with the Hd 8200U it was seldom viewable.



HD Stacker Review
Rural Navada


After installing my HD Stacker antenna (works perfect) I did not need the amplifier. How do I return the amplifier for refund. Thanks again. Very pleased with the antenna in rural Nevada.


HD Stacker Review
50 miles from Denver, CO

Hi Denny,

First let me say that the HD Stacker is amazing. I get lots of channel despite being mounted in the attic and I'm around 50 miles from Denver. And that's without the preamp.



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