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HD Stacker Antenna Reception Report

By Scott N. Patterson, California 95363

Denny, shown below is the data I took last night. The HD stacker is pointed at 337 degrees since those are the broadcast stations I watch ordinarily(I don't have a rotator).

My HD Stacker is about 40 feet above ground, there is an Antennas Direct CPA19 preamplifier on the pole, and there is a total of about 80 feet of RG 6 coax between the HD Stacker antenna and my HDTV receiver. Please feel free to post my reception figures on your web page. The HD Stacker antenna is a great antenna: especially for people like me that are 60-90 miles from ALL major broadcast towers.

Call Sign

Signal strengh on TV meter

Distance to transmitter Transmitter direction in degrees RF (real) broadcast channel Station transmitting power
KUVS 86% 49mi 23 18 500kw
KOVR 86% 58mi 337 25 1000kw
KMAX 86% 59mi 337 21 1000kw
KTFK 86% 58mi 337 26 850kw
KCRA 100% 59mi 337 35 1000kw
KTXL 100% 60mi 337 40 950kw
KQCA 100% 59mi 337 46 600kw
KTNC 86% 54mi 302 14 24kw
KMMW 71% 49mi 23 28 15kw
KSPX 86% 59mi 337 48 1000kw
KBSV 86% 16mi 280 15 0.42kw
KXTV 86% 58mi 337 10 28kw
KVIE 71% 60mi 337 9 33kw
KFTV 71% 95mi 106 20 350kw
KFSN 71% 95mi 106 30 260kw
KSEE 71% 95mi 106 38 326kw
KFRE 71% 95mi 106 36 360kw

HD Stacker Details


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