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HD Stacker TV Antenna Range

Q. Hello Denny, I noticed your stacker antenna. I'm curious about the estimated range of this antenna. Thank you, Michael


A.  Hi Michael,

The truth about TV antenna range.

Under normal circumstances TV broadcast signals are designed to travel no more than 60 to 80 miles with few exceptions. If they were to travel further signals from one City would interfere with those from another City. The 60 to 80 mile broadcast circles are called broadcast markets. The broadcast signals are intended to be limited to their markets by the broadcaster's and power limitations set forth by the FCC. Many antenna range estimates are exaggerated from 30% to as much as 400% depending upon how dishonest the antenna manufacturer or dealer is. I think the following quote says it all.

Quote: "Antenna marketing is a racket in that the less honest you are, the more antennas you sell. (Nobody goes to court over a TV antenna.) Gain and Range figures published by antenna makers are mostly useless, except maybe for comparing antennas by the same maker". Author, Ken Nist HDTV Primer >

So much information out there that is misleading. One antenna manufactured from China who's antenna is sold under many names claims a whopping 150 mile range. This antenna doesn't come close to living up to its claims. People buy it because of this outrages claim only to be disappointed. Avoid antennas that make unrealistic claims.

No doubt there are a few areas in the U.S. where reception conditions are near perfect and it's not uncommon to receive signals from 100 + miles away. This is very rare and is the result of wide open flat terrain creating an excellent line of sight from the transmitting antenna to receiving antenna. There are some areas in the U.S. where our customer's have reported 185 mile range using the HD Stacker but this in not common it's rare. 

The HD Stacker has a average reception range of 80 to 100 miles over very favorable terrain. Semi obstructed terrain (Some hills and trees) 60 to 80 miles and very poor terrain (very dense trees-forest and or hills) 45 miles. Any claim that states antenna range greater than this is very misleading and in most cases is a downright lie. Truthfully 100 miles is pushing it no matter what antenna is in use. See: TV Antenna Range >.

The problem for honest antenna dealers is when stating real antenna range we look bad.

There's no standardized test to determine antenna range and nearly every location varies. This means you can make just about any claim when referring to antenna range. In other words, I could say the Stacker range is 200 miles and get away with it.

The honest answer is...

The Stacker average range in miles is 60 to 100 miles. I know this doesn't compare to the range stated by some antenna dealers but it is the true range of the best antennas on the market. The HD Stacker performance compares to or is better than any other long range antenna on the market today.

The bottom line is this. I'm very proud of the performance the HD Stacker provides for our customer's. The emails I receive > everyday verifies to me just how good the Stacker works.

Hope this answer your question Michael.

If I can assist you further please don't hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards


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