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HD Stacker Antenna Customer Photo Gallery

Below is a collection of HD Stacker antenna photos sent to us by our customer's from all over the USA. We have received hundreds of photos displaying roof top mounts, attic installations. We can't publish all of the pictures but here is a small portion..

Scroll over the top of any picture for a brief description.

 Sent from Dave is the HD Stacxker antenna on a pole with rotor       The HD Stacker antenna in Waterloo, IA attached to fence post.


HD Stacker TV antenna mounted using a chimney mount. Sent in by Jason.    An attic mounted HD Stacker TV antenna in Lamont, IL.


A dual antenna system using the HD Stacker and the EZ HD antenna. This system is designed to receive TV signals from two different directions.   Battle Creek, MI Amtrac train station uses HD Stacker TV antenna. Mounted using an eave mount.


The HD Stacker TV antenna mounted using a 5 foot tripod roof mount. Sent in by Jeff.   HD Stacker attic mounted using a 36 J pole mount. Sent in by Greg.


HD Stacker antenna mounted using a pair of wall brackets               HD Stacker antenna tower mounted with a funnel used to protect the rotort. Sent in by Matt,


HD Stacker antenna mounted using a 3 foot tripod roof mount. Sent in by Bob.   HD Stacker antenna mounted by extending a J pole mount using additional mast pipe and guy wires. Sent in by John.


The American made HD Stacker antenna mounted to a tower with an American flag,          HD Stacker antenna mounted using a 4 inch wall bracket with the mast pipe extended to the ground.


HD Stacker antenna mounted using a tripod roof mount located between solar panels. Sent from Ann Arbor, MI.    Attic mounted HD Stacker with mast pipe attached to a roof rafter and floor joist.


HD Stacker antenna mounted using a 4 inch wall bracket with a swivel base mount at the bottom of the mast pipe attached to the lower roof,    HD Stacker antenna mounted using wall brackets on a fish house on Mille Lacs Lake, MN.


The HD Stacker antenna mounted using an eave mount.                   Two HD Stacker antennas mounted to a windmill tower


  A pround installer of his HD Stacker antenna. Sent by Cliff from Kentucky.                   A chimney mount was used to install this HD Stacker antenna.


Hd Stacker antenna and tripod mount                   Hd Stacker antenna

 HD Stacker Details

HD Stacker antenna details and specifications