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                       Hartford, CT. Antenna Reception Discussion

Hi Denny! Thanks for you informative website! My question - I like the idea of the HD Stacker for an attic installation but I don't think I could point it in one direction to get many channels. zip code is 06278, address _________________________. Would this be the best antenna choice, or should I consider the Winegard MS2000, perhaps with an amplifier? Or other option(s)? Hoping to connect 3 TVs. Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi George,

Hartford is offering several stations with signals strong enough to be received from the attic location assuming the attic is suitable for TV reception. The only issue is Hartford offers all major broadcast networks except ABC. The ABC network must either come from Boston or New Haven. According to the data it's likely neither ABC signals are strong enough to be received from the attic. To receive ABC may require the antenna be mounted outdoors and a rotor will be required.
With the HD Stacker in the attic you will receive CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, CW, ION plus all sub channels. There's a possibility in this position the Stacker may receive the ABC from New Haven but I wouldn't count on it. Mounted outdoors you would receive all Hartford, Boston and New Haven channels.
My recommendation is the HD Stacker antenna and the AP 8780 preamplifier. A rotor will be required to receive all available channels.

If you have any questions or if I can assist you further please don't hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards,
Denny Duplessis

Thank you Denny! I'm sure I'll be ordering the goods below very soon.

We must stick with an attic installation, lightning really likes our location for some reason.

I appreciate your assistance!!


Okay George, hopefully you will get the ABC from New Haven from the attic location. The Hartford transmitters are West and the New Haven ABC is West/Southwest. You may want to try favoring a more WSW antenna position in hopes of receiving the weaker ABC signal. Denny

Hi Denny,

Thanks for your reply and info! I'm getting closer to narrowing down everything I'll need to order. Here's another question or two -- I'll be getting the Stacker and the 8780 preamp, and since I'm fairly far away from the broadcast towers and have some hills/trees between, and also want to split the signal to 3 TVs, should I also buy a distribution amplifier? And should I order a J-mount for the attic installation if I'm aiming the antenna toward the towers? If I find that I DO need to rotate the antenna in the attic, would I still need the J-mount, or some other type of mounting? Last question -- the pole that the antenna gets clamped to -- is that provided in the Stacker antenna purchase, or do I have to get that at a hardware store?

Incidentally I saw on one of your website posts that you were away for awhile, taking your son fishing. I spent time in MI while in the Coast Guard -- first they stationed me in the "icebox" up in the Houghton-Hancock area, then down to East Tawas, where I discovered the fishing that the Au Sable has to offer (outstanding!!) then finally finished the tour of duty up at the Soo. I miss the fishing (but not the winters up in the U.P.!!)

Thanks Denny, looking forward to your reply.

~George in CT


The AP 8780 has ample signal amplification to provide maximum performance when supplying up to 4 TVs.

The 36" J pole works great when using the HD Stacker. See the photo on lower half of this page. I think the J pole is the best option if a rotor is needed. It can easily be added.

The J pole is the mast pipe so no additional pole is needed.

We do a lot of fishing. I think the trip mentioned was to the Saint Mary's River. This is the shipping lane between Lake Superior and the lower lakes. It's 66 miles long and averages 4 miles wide. We go there for a week twice a year. A lot of variety and good fishing. Denny


I'll be ordering everything early next week and can't wait to ditch cable!!

I've fished the St Marys too -- mostly the area within a mile below the locks. I was stationed right below those locks. There's a power generating plant not too far below the locks and the coast guard base, and the warmer water flowing out of it provided great winter and spring habitat for rainbows.........great fishing spot! When I was there, you couldn't fish the St Marys rapids because boating there was too dangerous (but that's where the best rainbows were!)

Thanks again Denny,

You're Welcome George.

Denny, I appreciate all your help! (from the guy in CT who's almost ready to order!)

Another couple questions --

1. does an attic mounted antenna need to be grounded like an outdoor one? I sure hope not.

2. I'll be ordering the Stacker and note that it's 70" long, but has a turning radius of 44". How is that? I would think it would require a clearance of 70" to turn 360 degrees.

3. I'll be ordering the 36" J-mount, but if I need a rotor in the future, how would the antenna turn? Would I then not need the J-mount, but would need a regular steel pole?
Thanks again for your excellent advice and also for your super-informative website, it's incredible!


Antennas mounted in the attic do not require a ground.

The turning radius of 44" is the radius from the mast pipe to the most distant part of the antenna. In other words, the antenna will need clear space 44" from the mast pipe to turn 360 degrees. It would only need 70" if the antenna mast pipe mounting position were on the end of the antenna. The mast pipe mounting position is nearly in the center of the antenna so it only requires a 44" clearance.

TV antenna rotor Channel Master 9521A

The rotor would mount to the J pole. if you do end up needing a rotor the best solution is to cut the J pole with a hacksaw or pipe cutter so there's just enough pipe left on the J pole to mount the rotor. About 6 inches.  Install the longer piece of J pole pipe you cut off into the rotor throat and install the antenna onto this pipe.