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TV antenna grounding, wall brackets and metal roof

Thanks Denny: ok thanks for the antenna recommendation but here are a couple of other questions. With a metal roof and the back part of the home is a former mobile home, the other 1/2 is stick built. The Antenna will go out back and we are prone to lighting storms and have been hit, twice. How wide of a metal pole do I need and I ssume to go 4 ft in the ground or can I attach it to the side of the trailer part at a corner ? Don't want to have metal on metal interference although I don't have a clue if that would happen. We are 2 seniors and want to save by cutting our directv and going with free air channels and I think, netflix and hula for $16.00 per month vs $60.00.  Seems like a good deal. Would we need a roter to automatically turn the antenna ? Where would we buy the metal pole ? Does it have to be all one piece ? I'm sorry for some many questions and Thank you, John


You can attach the pipe to the side of the trailer without causing additional interference. Wall brackets are a good method. If you use wall brackets make certain the lag screws of the brackets can wood behind the metal of the trailer. Put the pipe into the ground about 3-4 feet. Wall brackets come as a pair so use both brackets. One bracket should be placed at the highest point on the pipe that will have a good mounting surface. The other bracket should be installed as near to the half way point as possible and still have a solid mounting surface.
The antenna should be above the metal roof no less than 3 feet and higher than the highest point of the roof in the direction to the transmitters.
Since you are lightning prone I suggest you drive an 6 to 8 foot ground rod right next to the mast pipe that is in the ground. Get a U bolt large enough to go around both the mast pipe and the ground rod and clamp the two tightly together. Muffler clamps work good. This will provide good grounding for the entire system except for the coax cable. To ground the coax cable install a ground block inline just before the antenna down lead enters the home. Run a ground wire of at least 10 gauge from the ground block back to the ground rod at the base of the mast pipe. 
The mast pipe size can be as little as 1" to a maximum of 1.5" OD. I suggest 1.5" pipe for stability. A half inch of addition width makes a noticeable increase in the stability of the antenna. We offer mast pipe in 5 foot lengths of 1.5" OD. The sections sleeve together nicely and are strong. However, you may be able to find good pipe in 10 foot sections at Lowes Etc... that will work well. They should also have the 6-8 foot ground rod.

Best Regards,