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Yes, Virginia There Is Free Broadcast TV

"People are finding out about the benefits of free digital broadcast TV and they like it".


   When my wife Rhonda and I travel around we like to meet new people. When we do the conversation almost always turns to "What do you do for a living"? I love to watch our new friends faces when I smile and say "I sell TV antennas". The response is "you do what" ?  I explain, that I run a family operated company that sells TV reception products for the reception of free broadcast TV. Our specialty is providing information for those who want to save money and install the antenna system themselves. This is the part I love. If the people are under fifty years old they usually say, "what's free broadcast TV"? If they're over fifty they say, "I didn't know free TV was still around".  

   Free broadcast TV has to be one of the best kept secrets. Not too long ago I was in one of our local convenience store/gas station talking with the employee a young women in her early twenties. She mentioned she was having trouble paying all the bills on her salary. I ask, "do you have cable"? and she responded, "yes". She said, she was paying about $60.00 a month. I told her about free broadcast TV and she wouldn't believe me. My son who was about her age and new her from school told her there really is free TV. All that's needed is a TV antenna and you'll get free TV. She thought we were pulling her leg. She said, "you mean it's just floating in the air"? and we said, "yes". Just about then a man named Jerry walked into the store a local policeman that I had installed an antenna for years earlier. I said to her, "ask him" and she did. Jerry explained broadcast TV to her and that he had no bill it was free. Unfortunately,  I never seen her again. I don't know if we ever truly convinced her or if she's still paying $60.00 a month for TV.

   On the other hand most people over fifty years old remember free broadcast TV as what it was and not what it is today. As a kid they remember just a few channels, poor picture quality, and little programming choices. They don't know that in 2009 broadcast TV experienced a major transition from analog to digital broadcasting. They don't know today's broadcast digital TV offers dozens of top rated networks such as, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, ION, PBS, MYTV, Antenna TV, METV, Movie Channels, Weather Channels, Independent channels plus dozens of sub channels all for free. The thing that amazes people most is free broadcast TV offers HDTV picture quality better than that of cable or satellite.

   The good news is the word is slowly getting out. The number of people cutting the cable cord is on the rise. TV antenna sales numbers in the U.S. have steadily climbed over the past few years and continue to do so. People are finding out about the benefits of free digital broadcast TV and they like it. 

Denny Duplessis
Denny's TV Antenna Source