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EZ HD Antenna reviews from Santa Rosa, CA and Concord, NC

By Jerome J.
Santa Rosa CA 95403
   I feel obligated to give the good and bad of a product that makes claims that it is the highest rated of it's class. There are sooo many antennas on the market, who can you believe. Everyone in their field claims that they are the best, they have been doing this for years. And you should believe them ? I have to tell you that Denny is a Artisan in his field and you should believe. I was so skeptical going through the long list of what to buy, with everyone touting they were the best. I happened on your web site and learned the truth and not to believe the to good to be true claims. Well I must say, was I supposed to believe that something for $59.00 was going to do what it said, most likely not. I was swayed by your total devotion to a product that delivers more than what you say. A help section that is actually understandable for the real world, and an American made product that is not made of plastic, which would not withstand the constant radiation of heat from being mounted on the roof, or just being outdoors for years.
   I am blown away by the performance of this antenna especially being as small as it is, and I mean that. I am running 70 feet of cable easily and fifty miles out and don't need a amp, the picture is as clear as a bell... Placement is key for any antenna, but I would not have known that if it were not for your website. I would, and will recommended your company a million times over, and you can bet if anyone is looking to get off the cable ripoff, your name will be the first out of my mouth..
   I am SO impressed that you won't believe. So the bad news is that cable, satellite, and everyone else can take a hike, believe it or not that was costing me $1200.00 a year.., boy was I stupid for years. I was blind but now I can see thanks to you.. Thank you so much for the professionalism that you provide in your field, the truth and an outstanding product.
Jerome J.
Santa Rosa CA 95403

EZ HD antenna review EZ HD antenna review

by Vic and Cecilia
Concord, NC


Thank you so much for your input on the EZ HD TV Antenna. I had used a “paper thin” ant abt. 8”X 9”, and was sorely disappointed When I rcvd your EZ antenna it was too late in the day to roof mount it so I made a quick connection in the Living room. (Above left) It was FANTASTIC!! Rcvd abt 19 chnls. The next day I mounted it on the roof, and lo and behold 30 chnls!! (Above right) Please show these two photos to some potential customers. I will have some neighbors over to show them the FREE TV they are missing. Your satisfied customers, Vic and Cecilia

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