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EZ HD TV Antenna Review    


I have bought and used antennas with pre-amps & a rotor built into the antenna system only to find within a week or so that the system uses their proprietary thin cable (not even close to RG59 size) lends to failure.

I live in the delta in CA and the wind will overcome the cheap rotor making it useless. These antennas were under $40 and what you get is typical inferior quality made overseas and prone to failure. The so call pre-amp died within a week making the system useless.

I bought these type of antennas to try and get away from the cable monopoly in having to rent black boxes for each TV in the house. The stations that I wanted to receive via UHF-VHF station towers are at least 50-65 miles straight line of sight. Unfortunately, I have to overcome a mountain range about 1/2 way before true line of sight is achieved.

I heard about your antenna and decided to purchase your EZ-HD antenna > and read your reviews on your website. Your website guarantee gave me some hope

EZ HD TV antenna review

Once I received it, one end of the box container was damaged with part of the cardboard torn and pushed in. I took the antenna out and it survived the damaged. First thing I noticed was what I considered strong construction of quality material and reinforced designed. This is not a flimsy easy to break or bending of elements. Opening the elements into their lock positions gave me confidence that this antenna will withstand anything the delta weather will throw at it.

I also bought the Winegard  LNA-200 boost XT pre-amp > knowing that the distant signals will need all the help it can get. I used RG6 cable to maximize the signal download.

Using the chimney mount > I installed the system on a 5' mast which raised the system above the chimney about 2 1/2 + feet on a two story house. I have it pointed towards Diablo Mountain in a West -Southwest direction. 

I powered up the pre-amp and could not believe the quality, color and all the local channels that I had hope to receive. With your antenna design, I did not need a rotor to zero in on any of the stations that I wanted. All this with reception at 25+ feet from the ground which is a tad lower than sea level. I know if the mountain was not in the way, your antenna would have clearly received the distant station signals without the need of the pre-amp.

I believe I have finally found one of the best outdoor antenna for it's size, compactness and signal gathering for what I feel is the best price in town.

Thank you for making such a great product that actually works.  DeltaDale