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Is Your Attic Suitable for TV Reception?

Building materials play a big role in determining the success of an attic mounted TV antenna.

A while back I connected a TV antenna to my field strength meter. A field strength meter measures the signal strength of any individual TV signal. I Grabbed a piece of 7/8" OSB particle board and tested the signal strength of several TV channels without the board in front of the TV antenna. Then I placed the board at a distance of about 6 feet in front of the antenna. I found that on every channel the signal strength decreased with the board in front of the antenna. The closer I moved the board the weaker the signal became, as I moved it further away the signals became stronger. Keep this in mind when placing the antenna in the attic the further you can keep the antenna from any signal obstruction the better.

Do you have a metal or masonry roof? If the station transmitter direction requires the signal to penetrate either of these materials your chances of success are diminished a great deal if not eliminated. However, if the signal direction allows the signal to penetrate a sidewall then all is not lost. A plywood roof covered by a single layer of asphalt shingles is best. Many homes have a 2-3 foot wide aluminum stripping installed under the shingles at the edge of the roof. Always install the antenna above this point so the transmitter signal line of sight to the antenna is above the metal stripping.

Do the attic sidewalls have metal siding, foil faced insulation, brick, or masonry of any kind? All of these materials are nasty signal blockers. Try to place the antenna in a position so the line of sight from the TV transmitters to the antenna is not block by any of the above mentioned materials.

Signal loss, attic installation VS. outside.  By now you know that the building materials are a big factor. TV antenna elevation will also play a role in signal strength. The extra antenna elevation that can be gained by mounting the antenna outside above the roof line must be considered. Weaker TV signals and TV signals from a greater distance will be effected most by antenna elevation and the attic location.

Under the right conditions good TV reception can be obtained with an attic mounted TV antenna. Be sure to check construction materials in the line of sight to the transmitters and beware of the attic gremlin and if the gremlin strikes be prepared to move the antenna to an outside location.

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