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 The EZ HD Antenna is Easy to Install

When installing a TV antenna and components always follow the manufacturers instructions and advice. Your safety and the safety of others is your number one priority. If in doubt seek professional help.

The EZ HD comes fully assembled and ready to install. The antenna elements easily fold out and lock securely into place. The antenna is constructed of super strong lightweight aluminum and only weighs 2.4 lbs.

EZ HD antenna mast clamp      EZ HD mast pipe mount

The antenna can be install to any mast pipe from
3/4" up to 1 7/8" outside diameter

J pole mounting arm      

The antenna can also be purchased with the J-pole mount
(satellite dish mounting arm).  The J pole can be mounted to the roof, sidewall or fascia. The J pole base is fully
adjustable and can accommodate any surface angle.

EZ HD matching transformer

Every EZ HD antenna comes with a 300 to 75 ohm matching transformer
for easy connection to coax cable.


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"Made in the USA"
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