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Detailed information for the "Do It Yourself" TV antenna installer.

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How to properly install a TV antenna system. Learn about antenna selection, amplifiers, grounding, rotors, mounts. coax cabling and much more. Complete with diagram.  

Preamplifiers and distributions amplifiers. When and how to use signal amplifiers for best results.

TV antenna attic installation. Can an attic installation be successful? What do I need to know before I proceed?

TV antenna aiming. Properly aim your antenna for best results.

Rotor tips and installation. Sometimes a rotor is needed to aim the antenna for best results.  

Tripod mount proper installation. There's a right way and wrong way of doing things. Learn the right way to install a tripod.

Eave mount proper installation. Learn the ins and outs of eave mounting your antenna.

Coupling/Stacking two antennas to the same downlead.

Do I need a special digital antenna to recieve digital HD signals?

150 mile range antenna is this true?