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Denny's TV Antenna Service Review

Feedback/Review for Denny’s Antenna by - Travis Callahan- South Louisiana

Recently I made the decision to stop my commercial TV service and return to using the antenna that has been over my  home for the past 30 years as a backup for hurricane season.

The old antenna was pointed through trial and error as well as possible and received eight channels. I needed at least the three major networks, and LPB, and Fox TV. NBC was unavailable. Then with the first less than perfect weather I found that I lost my LPB station with intermittent signal loss on two other channels. I found this to be unacceptable.

I made a trip to the local “big box” stores to see what was available and took notes and came home and researched those antennas available locally. Frankly I doubted the claims that some were 150 mile range and at the end of my research I was completely confused. Somewhere along the line I came across Denny’s Antenna Service. 

I did a check on Denny’s with the Better Business Bureau and found they were rated as excellent by the BBB.

I then emailed Denny with a description of my situation. The same day I got several links from Denny that included a site to determine what TV antennas were near me. That info is on his home page. I saw that due north of me some 36 miles were three transmitters including the transmitters of the stations I was unable to receive if the weather was not perfect. Denny recommended   a tiny little antenna called the EZ HD TV Antenna.

When the package arrived, two days later, I was very skeptical that anything that small could receive anything, much less stations that were thirty six miles away. I mounted the antenna at exactly the same place on my mast where the Direct TV dish was mounted and pointed in exactly the same direction as the old antenna. A channel scan was done on all three of my TV sets and all of them now received 18 channels and my beloved LPB did not fade anymore. NBC was still not available, but I could turn the antenna 40 degrees away from the present direction and get the NBC affiliate at 69 miles away but at the loss of signal quality of some of my other channels. So I accepted the fact that NBC would not be on my TV.

I then emailed Denny and asked if there was anything else I could do to increase the stability of my signal reception for the upcoming hurricane season but I did not want to install electrical power up to that antenna. 

Denny then recommended a Winegard Booster and I ordered that in five minutes. That product arrived in two days just as my first order had arrived in record time.

Once again I was not impressed with this little six ounce part that fit in my shirt pocket, but Denny said it would help so I installed that. I did make a trip to the store to pick up two short sections of top quality coax cable at a cost of $15.00 since the booster need to be in line and outside near the antenna. I wanted everything outside the house to be top quality due to our bad weather.

The installation of the booster took less than ten minutes and then I did another channel scan on all three TV sets in the house and could not believe that I now had 29 channels. As I surfed through my new channel lineup I suddenly received that I now had two NBC affiliates, one at 98 miles north and one at 69 miles northwest. I did realize that when you are using an antenna that will fit in a suitcase and weighs 3.5 pounds you may lose a station that is off to the side and 69 miles away when the weather goes bad. My original antenna would not even receive that station when pointed directly at it. 

I know there will be some problems when bad weather sets in but I lost my commercial service anytime we had thunderstorms south of me. Thunderstorms love the Gulf of Mexico every afternoon and the Gulf is seventeen miles away to my south. I lost satellite service a lot in summer.

I have now evaluated my TV reception for a thirty day period

 On very bad weather days I may probably lose the stations off to the side at 69 miles and the one at 98 miles north that I never expected to receive anyway. So far on one day out of thirty I had station fade on those two very distant stations but it was the day I got 2.5 inches of rain. None of the other stations had problems that day.

So I am elated that I have the service I have in the area I am in and the total cost was slightly over the bill for one month of service from my former satellite provider. Denny never asked me to provide feedback and I am doing this on my own. As an old guy who is retired I am watching the pennies closely. 

TV Antenna is not for everyone but should you decide you want to cut costs by going to an antenna, and if you are in an area where an antenna will work at all, I can wholeheartedly recommend Denny’s Antenna Service.

 Travis Callahan- South Louisiana