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Custom Coaxial Cable & Accessories

Custom Coax Cable and Accessories

Custom Coax Cable lengths cut to order.

We offer high quality solid copper RG 6 coax cable
custom lengths made to order and bulk up to 1000'.
Installing high quality Solid Copper RG 6 coaxial cable cannot be emphasized enough.
Poor quality inferior cable can ruin the TV reception of even the best TV antenna


Solid Copper RG 6 Coaxial Cable
RG-6 Coax, U.L. Listed, Solid Copper, Black. This coax cable is easy to work with, especially in cold weather.

$0.34 Ft. Sold to your specified footage without coax cable ends attached.

Also available custom lengths with connector
Fittings attached

In Stock

Coax Cable Solid Copper



RG 6 Thomas and Betts Coax Cable Compression Fittings

These coaxial cable fittings are designed to provide a professional, secure, waterproof connection. Reduces signal leakage and protects against water migration. Use with Compression Tool below.

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Coax Cable Compression Tool

For use with compression Coax Cable Fitting. Compact Compression Tool for RG 6, RG 6 quad and RG 59 coax cable is pocket-sized and easy to use! 

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In Stock


Coax Cable  Connector

Compression Tool

Coax Cable End Compression Tool

One Step Coax Cable Wire Stripper

Coaxial Cable Stripper RG-6, RG-6 Quad, RG-58 and RG-59

Stop using tools that weren't made for the job! This little tool will strip your RG-6 coax cable in one step perfectly every time.

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In Stock

Coax Cable Wire Stripper

Coax cable cutters

Creates a clean cut everytime.

Does not flatten cable 

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In Stock


Coax cable wire cutters

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