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Cliff's signal distribution amplifier installation

Installing the equipment onto the board Equipment mounted onto spacer A little help from a friend
Almost finished Looks like were done All done!

HDA 100 amplifier, preamplifier power injector and a professional grade 4 way signal splitter

Denny , Rhonda, Tony & crew,
Our Winegard HDA-100 POWERED DISTRIBUTION AMP. ARRIVED TODAY...2 days after I placed the order...! (always free & fast shipping from the crew up their in the cold and snow country!) 
As you may recall I was discussing how to counteract the 4 way splitters (insertion loss) long coax runs along with picture loss on the 2 far off TV sets with Tony. With his (ALONG WITH YOURS) thorough knowledge of all of Denny's huge assortment of their antenna related products Tony suggested the WINEGARD'S HDA-100 distribution amplifier in conjunction with my already in use mast mounted preamplifier + power inserter from the Winegard AP preamplifier series.
At first thoughts of attaching all the many coax runs ,2 amps,2 power supply along with a 4 way splitter + additional jumpers I decided to mount all on a small 4x8" 1/4 thick piece of scrap plywood to which I  gave a coat of paint & also attached a "riser strip" to allow easier attachment of the many coax leads to all male screw ons.
After hooking up all the required coax runs, I plugged in the 2 separate mini a/c  power supplies. WOW!
Cliff Steele
Somerset, KY.
Thanks for the info. nice job Cliff!