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Chicago area TV reception Reports


Actual TV reception reports from Chicago area viewers.

Sycamore, Illinois CBS WBBM reception

Denny, I bought your double stacked antenna on your advice. I'm in Sycamore, IL and since the channels went to digital we we were not able to receive CBS channel 2.1 from Chicago and some of the other channels would go bad at times. About 2 weeks ago I replaced a 9 foot long antenna and put your antenna on the roof in its place and channel 2 has come in perfect ever since. We now get all the stations from Chicago. I aimed the antenna north just to see if it could get the Madison channels at 90 miles distance and it did. I'm considering buying a rotor so I can get both Chicago and Madison. I'm originally from the Madison area so it's nice to get these channels. Thanks for the great product and advice. Charlie S. Sycamore, IL.

Works, even for CBS Channel 2.1


Denny's Antenna,

I have your EZ HD antenna at my house in Wheaton, IL. Previously I was using an indoor antenna that wasn't getting all of the channels. I put your antenna in the attic and the reception has been great. The EZ HD antenna works as advertised. Even for CBS channel 2.1.  


I live in Chicago about 15 miles from the transmitter location.

Your EZ antenna and all equipment costing a total of 122.56 got me off of cable. My cable bill was approaching $100 month. No more cable bill!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Regards, Brian a happy camper in Chicago. 

Sugar Grove, Illinois

Dear Customer Service,

I never brag or post about products I buy but your HD Stacker is awesome. I'm in Sugar Grove, IL west of Aurora and get 80 free channels using your antenna. This is the third antenna I've tried and I was about ready to give up and decided I would try your antenna. I will tell all of my friends about you and your antenna.


I wanted WBBM CBS so bad

Hi Denny,

Okay, I admit it. I read your page about CBS reception problems in Chicago. I had my doubts but I wanted WBBM CBS so bad I went ahead and bought your EZ HD antenna. I couldn't be happier. I switched to your antenna about 2 weeks ago and have been able to watch channel 2 ever since. Very, very happy.


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