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Guide to TV antenna installation

Choosing the Best TV Antenna and Accessories for your Attic Installation.

TV antennas installed in the attic space can and do work very well. The first thing you must determine is if the attic is suitable for good TV reception. Before you install in the attic things to consider are elevation above ground level and the type of building materials the signal must penetrate to reach the antenna in the attic.

In most cases attic space is limited so your goal is the antenna that provides maximum performance in a minimal size. Be careful not to fall for the idea that antenna size is not related to performance because it is. Don't let anyone tell you different.

Two of the best antennas available to insure success when installing in the attic space.

The EZ HD antenna is our medium range yagi style antenna. The longer elements protuding from the antenna boom provide excellent VHF signal performance and the UHF tetra pole system provides superb UHF signal performance.  

One concern when mounting a TV antenna in the attic is multi-path interference. Multi-path interference is common in most attics. The directional design of the EZ HD antenna eliminates multi-path interference common with most multi or omnidirectional antennas. The EZ HD antenna is less than 36" long and 34" wide at it's maximum width. The antenna weighs less than 4lbs.

EZ HD TV Antenna for outdoors or attic


The HD Stacker antenna is our best long range high performance antenna. Like the EZ HD antenna this antenna inch for inch is supoerior to any other antenna on the market. The performance of the HD Stacker compares to competitor antennas that are 12 to 14 feet long. The HD Stacker offers a directional receiving pattern that increases range and elimnates multi-path interference common in most attic spaces. 

The HD Stacker is less than 6" long and 63" wide at its maximum width. It weighs less than 9lbs.

HD Stacker TV antenna, Great for the attic or outdoors.

In the attic or outdoors.
When it comes to the performance to size ratio nothing on the market beats the EZ HD or the HD Stacker antennas.