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Click for the BBB Business Review of this Antennas in Ithaca MIBest digital HDTV antenna for San Diego California

San Diego has a unique reception condition that can easily be solved with the HD Stacker antenna. There are several full powered TV stations in the San Diego area. Two of these channels ABC (KGTV) and CBS (KFMB) both broadcast a VHF frequency signal.

The transmitting tower for ABC and CBS is located NNW of San Diego near La Jolla. The remainder of the stations NBC, FOX, PBS and IND broadcast a UHF frequency signal. The transmitting towers for NBC, FOX, PBS and IND are located West of San Diego near the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge.

Here's why the HD Stacker is the best digital HDTV antenna for San Diego.

The HD Stacker consists of two antennas. The antenna on top is a VHF antenna and the bottom antenna is a UHF antenna. When assembling the HD Stacker antenna do not install the struts or the antenna brace (see photos below). This will allow the antennas to be installed aiming in different direction. Aim the top VHF antenna towards La Jolla NNW of San Diego and aim the bottom UHF antenna towards the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge West of San Diego.

In this position the antenna will receive all of the digital HDTV stations in the San Diego area without the need to adjust the antenna.

HD Stacker for San Diego TV reception

Do not install the "Struts" or the "Boom Brace".

Aim the top antenna towards La Jolla North/Northwest of San Diego.

Aim the bottom antenna towards the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge West of San Diego.

By doing this you now have the best best digital HDTV antenna for San Diego that requires no adjustment.

In addition to ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS and IND there are several additional channels called "sub channels" provided by these stations that will also be received.  

To learn more about the HD Stacker antenna I suggest you visit the HD Stacker page >  Here you will find specifications, customer comments, assembly guide, test results, High resolution images and design features.

Good morning Denny,

I live in the San Diego area and took your advice about using the HD Stacker antenna. I just wanted to let you know it worked perfectly. I'm getting great reception on all of the San Diego TV stations.  Very happy in San Diego.


Hello Garrett,

That's what I like to hear. We now have several customer using the Stacker for San Diego reception. Seems we found a winner for San Diego. Thanks for letting us know of your sucess.

Take Care,


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