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Best TV Antenna for Austin, TX Digital TV Stations

A guide to Auston, Texas free TV stations. Availability, reception maps, and tv antenna type

Watch Free HDTV In Austin

The Best choice for free digital - HDTV -TV Antenna reception for the Austin area is the EZ-HD or the HD Stacker antennas.

Here's why:

The Austin free to air TV is a good one. There are 3 dozen free channels available. All of the major network channels are available (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS, CW) plus a couple dozen sub channels to numerous to mention.

There is 1 major channel in Austin broadcasting VHF TV signals. This is important because most antennas available today are designed for UHF signals and perform poorly for the reception of VHF signals. The major channel is FOX 7. In addition channel 7 provides 3 sub channels all VHF signals.  


Be aware that most antennas on the market today claim to be VHF capable when in fact they're not.

Just because I say it, Doesn't make it true.
If you're in doubt I suggest you contact the station engineer at Fox 7 to verify the information on this page to be true.


For more information about VHF TV reception I suggest you visit the following pages.

Why most TV antennas are designed wrong >

Precisely tuned and test range certified antennas >

What's the difference between a VHF and UHF TV antenna >

To insure the reception of FOX channel 7 and the channel 7 sub channels learn the difference between VHF and UHF TV antennas.

The reception map below is compiled from hundreds of actual customer reports using either the EZ HD or the HD Stacker antennas. If the antenna location is inside of the Green circle use the EZ HD antenna. If the antenna location is outside of the Green circle within the Blue circle use the HD Stacker antenna. TV reception from Austin TV stations outside of the Blue circle is possible but is hit and miss no matter what antenna is used for reception. Both the EZ HD and the HD Stacker antennas have been physically fine tuned to receive the Austin area TV stations digital TV signal frequencies.

Best TV Antenna for Austin TV stations reception map and antenna guide

*Map based on the weakest Austin, TX TV station transmitting signal

Austin TV stations reception map

The EZ HD and the HD Stacker antennas are physically tuned to receive the specific TV signal frequencies in use by the Austin TV stations. Inch for inch both antennas will outperform any other antenna on the market. We guarantee it or your money back.

Note: Some Austin area residents have reported problems receiving KTBC 7.1 FOX when using antennas other than the EZ HD or the HD Stacker. This is due to the VHF broadcast signal frequencies in use by this station and the use of the improper antenna to receive VHF signal frequency. Many of today's antennas will not receive VHF signals. The EZ HD and the HD Stacker are designed to provide excellent performance across the entire VHF/UHF frequency spectrum in use in the Austin free to air broadcasting market.

Antenna Aiming - From the antenna installation site aim the narrower end of of the antenna at the Red X on the map above to receive the Austin TV stations.

NOTE: The Austin TV station reception map above is based on the use of the EZ HD and HD Stacker TV antennas installed in an outdoor location at an elevation of 20 feet above ground using proper signal amplification when required. Antennas located indoors such as attics etc. or if improper signal amplification is in use will likely experience reduced reception range. Antennas installed at an elevation greater then 20 feet above ground will likely experience increased reception range and antennas installed less then 20 feet above ground will likely experience reduced reception range. The closer the antenna installation site is to the transmitters (X) the lower the antenna can be installed to the ground.

EZ HD antenna
More details
EZ HD = Green Circle

More Details
HD Stacker = Blue Circle

 I want to thank all of our customer's who have and continue to contribute reception reports from the Austin area.
You have helped create a very reliable DTV reception map for the entire Austin TV station viewing area.

Have a question about TVAntenna for Austin TV reception???


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