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TV antenna questions page 9

Topics on this page
TV antenna reception interference.

TV Antenna reception interference

I have had an hd tv and antenna for 4 years. for the first 4 years i just figured that i was getting the best reception that i could get with an antenna (reception was sporadic, and eventually none at all on many stations) all was professionally installed. recently i had an antenna expert come out to check my system, he found i had a bad amplifier and replaced same. For the remainder of that day and the next everything was fine. on the third day and ever since channels 8 and 13 get non existant. This happens around 3 o'clock in the afternoon and lasts for several hours (you can just about set your watch by it). Can you suggest anything that i can look into as the cause of this. i live in brooksville, fl and am about 30 miles north of my local stations. when i'm getting reception on these channels it is fine.

thank you sam

Hi Sam,

I'm assuming there are other channels that go unaffected during this time, is that correct?
If so what are some of the other channels that go unaffected?
What is your zip code?

I really don't know what is causing the problem but maybe we can narrow it down.


The chanels not being affected
digital 3.1,3.2,3.3,3.4, 28.1, 28.2, 32.1, 38.1, 38.2 and 44.1
zip code is 34613
thanks for your response

Sam, I did find something both 8 and 13 have in common, they are the only channels that broadcast their digital signal on VHF channels 2-13. Channel 8 WFLA broadcasts their digital signal on channel 7 and 13 WTVT broadcasts digitally on channel 12. These are the only channels in your area currently broadcasting on VHF. The VHF band is more susceptible to interference compared to UHF. If enough interference is present digital reception simply goes in and out or doesn't come in at all. I'm leaning towards some type of interference that occurs during this time period.
What kind/type of TV antenna do you have?


DENNY, i'm not sure of the name or number of the tv antenna, it was installed by brooksville tv about 4 years ago, but it is a mast mounted antenna about 10 feet above my roof line, on a single story house. the installer said that it was the best antenna for this area at that time. if you need the name and number i can try and contact him to get that info.


It certainly sounds to me as though it's an interference issue. It's hard to be absolutely certain without being there. The TV antenna sounds like it's adequate and if it weren't the signals should be poor all of the time. The tough thing about interference is finding what is causing it and then is there anything that can done to prevent it. It could be nearby or in rare cases as far as mile or two away.

Assuming it is interference I have a few suggestions that may help. Pay close attention around your own home. Is there anything that turns on and off at this time.

Sometimes you can track the interference using an AM portable radio. Many of the same interference's that effect VHF TV signals will also effect AM radio reception. When you tune up and down the AM radio band you will here many types of interference's, from buzzing to crackling. Try to determine if you can here a new interference sound on the AM radio at the time when the TV reception goes bad.

AM radio antennas are usually bi-directional meaning the signals are received equally in two opposite direction. The receiving angles of an AM radio are generally off from the front and back. By turning the radio you can determine that the interference is coming from one of two directions. Choose a direction and walk towards it. If the interference sound increases then your headed in the right direction. If it doesn't turn around and go the other way.

Look around the area for others who have TV antennas. Politely ask them if they have the same problem. You can narrow down the area of interference by doing this. If you find that someone within a few hundred feet away has the problem but someone that lives a quarter of a mile away doesn't it's localized. If someone a mile or more away reports the same problem then the interference is widespread and chances are you either won't find it and if you do there'll probably be little you can do about it.


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