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World's Best Television Antenna are Unreliable.

Plain and simple. The results provided by > are unreliable.

The system is simply way too conservative.

For an example. If I submit my address (3758 W. Washington Rd. Ithaca, Mi 48847) to the results indicate I will receive 7 channels at my location. The fact is using the HD Stacker antenna > mounted 22 feet above ground level I receive 26 good reliable channels. I get 66 total channels when the sub channels of each station are counted.

I work with people from all over the United States and this is true for nearly every locations.


What's up with

Check out the following email I received.

Dear Denny,

I'm a single mom living in Castle Rock, Co. I decided to discontinue the cable TV service. On the computer I found a website called, It seemed simple enough. Type the address of my house, click submit, and find out what antenna I need. Didn't turn out as planned.

Here's what happened. On the results page antennaweb says this.

"The Antenna column lists the color-coded antenna type needed to receive a particular station. Click on a color to view more information about that antenna type".

I clicked on the color and it said, I need a large directional antenna. On this same page was a statement that said, "antenna deal of the day". I followed the link and purchased the recommended antenna. The Orca-Talos-Yagi-1080p.

I received the antenna ordered and to my surprise the antenna is imported. I thought the CEA and the NAB the operators of antennaweb were American organizations serving American people.

After installing the antenna, aiming it at the towers on Lookout MT. the results were mixed. Trying to figure out why only a few channels wouldn't come in. On your site I learned the antenna I had purchased was for UHF signals and the stations giving me the most trouble were VHF signals. I went back to antennaweb to see if I had made a mistake. I clicked on the antenna color for one of the VHF stations only to see the same UHF antenna recommended.

Am I doing something wrong? What antenna do I need?


Debra __________


Hi Debra,

No, you're not doing anything wrong. I rarely use When I submit my address into the antennaweb system and go through the process it links my location to the same Orca antenna as recommended for your location. My area has 5 VHF stations so that's certainly not the correct antenna. The displayed Orca antenna is paying for the advertising space. Next week it may be a different antenna recommended for the same location.

Seems the antenna vendor buys the link on the antennaweb page. is simply selling advertising space and the recommended antenna displayed is the antenna that payed for the advertising spot and not the antenna that will work. displays very conservitive results. The reason they do this is to make the cheap inferior imported antennas advertised on the antennaweb page to appear to work good. Once you have tried antennaweb compare the antennaweb results to the FCC site > and see what a good antenna will get you.

I'll be happy to help you choose the correct antenna. I suggest you start by submitting the antenna recommendation form provided at the link below. The form will request the information I need to make an accurate antenna recommendation. >

Best Regards,
Denny Duplessis